Sunday, 6 January 2013

Ted Baker 'The Name on Everyones Lips'


Ted Baker 'The Name on Everyones Lips'
Lip Crayon Set
As these were a Christmas Gift Set they are now in the sale so if you can get your hands on them go for it as they're great value for money 
Even full price they work out at only £3.75 each which is pretty good considering the price of similar products by Clinique and Revlon.
They come packaged in a lovely purple tin with a cute little ribbon round it
They come in the same packaging as the Revlon Lip Balm Stains with the twist up mechanism so you don't need to worry about sharpening
To be honest I wasn't expecting miracles from these as they didn't come from an actual make up brand but Ted Baker have got it so right


They are glossy, pigmented, and moisturising
I was expecting the crayons to be of a waxy consistency more like a crayola crayon than a lip product but I was pleasantly surprised (which is good considering I received two of these as gifts!)
The four colours included are gorgeous and all wearable
Unfortunately they don't have names, I love it when a product has cute names but it doesn't really matter
The first colour in the swatches above is a gorgeous bright coral and is a stunning shade for summer, I can't wait for the summer months to whip this out in all it's glory
The second on is a more subtle pinky mauve which is the perfect everyday my lips but better shade for myself
The third is a little darker and has been lovely to wear in this post Christmas slump time, being back at work and general blehness
And the last colour looks to be quite a subtle red, good as I find a red lip intimidating!

Did you get any unexpectedly good make up goodies for Christmas?


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