Sunday, 21 August 2011

'when you breathe I want to be the air for you...'

Well it's been rather a long time since I've blogged...
The last time I posted I just received my uni grades
Since then I've been to Egypt for a week with the bestest
Graduated from university
Done some more PR work experience
Had my 21st Birthday
Celebrated both my graduation and birthday with a big party
Got a new full time job, working in a tile shop oh so glamorous!
And generally been going out with friends and trying to take my mind a few things
A few more negative things have been happening so I've not had much motivation to blog
I'll put some photos on this post of these recent events 
And hopefully I'll get back into blogging properly over the next few days/weeks
 Waiting at Gatwick Airport, luckily a 5min drive from where we live :) 
Treated myself to some duty free goodies, a MAC mineralize skin finish form the new semi precious collection, Creme Cup lipstick and Flora by Gucci perfume 
 The private beach at our hotel in Egypt...wasn't really a beach more of a jetty you walk off straight into the sea. It was AMAZING! The water was so clear, we bought snorkels so we could see all of the beautiful fish
 Pouty beauties :P This was just after we'd had a massage on our first day
Quite like my hair like this but haven't managed to re-create it :/
I abandoned glasses for most of the holiday, I was far too hot to wear them. It was between 40-45 degrees most days! The off season in Egypt so the hotel wasn't busy at all
 Drunk poses on the way up the 200 stairs back to our room
Dress: Warehouse
Sandals: Primark
Bag: New Look
 We only left the hotel once and that was to go to the old market in Naama bay
This photo was taken in a perfume shop whilst we waited for our taxi
Jacket: Primark
Strapless top: Topshop
Sunglasses: Rayban
 Sea side photos
I got rather burnt on my arms the first day so kept covered up most of the holiday
This kimono thingy was a last minute buy in primark before we left, best £6 I ever spent! 
 Self timer photos whilst Kat talks on the phone :P
Dress: Republic
Belt: From Dorothy Perkins Top
 On the resort was about 4/5 pools, we found this one by the spa and it was pratically deserted all day so we comandeered it as our own private pool
Photo bomb extrordinaire in the bakground there!
 Firm favourites at the beach bar :P
The waiter made us our own special cocktail, mango juice, weak vodka (it was all far too strong for our light weight tendencies!), and grenadine blended with a bit of ice. NOM!
Dress: Hollister
I got kind of drunk on the last night and ended up falling off of the bed....pah love it!
Dress: Billabong
Sandals: Next
A week after we got back from Egypt I graduated 
Dress: Oasis
Wedges: New Look

With a very proud Mum and Dad
We met Kat at a restaurant back in Horley for a celebratory Tapas meal
Was amazing!

Quite possibly my favourite picture from my graduation
My Grandad and me
My 21st birthday :)
Kat came round with all my birthday presents 21 in total...
Including; a pair of Toms, Mountain Dew, a panda barbie, more panda related goodies, condoms!, a first aid kit, nail varnish, bubbles, and the best bit was a gorgeous purple links of london friendship bracelet... I do love my best friend :) 
Friday 5th August we headed to the local pub 
It was my Nanny's birthday so I wanted to go out and take my mind off of things
Just a small group of us but we had a good night
Al though I did seem to think that running around Horley at 1:30am with no shoes on was a good idea...the night before my party where I was wearing some rather high heels! 
The above photo is myself, Kat and my cousin Kayla...two of my favourite girls I don't know what I'd do without them!
I got this duck in my goodie bag from graduation
He features a lot in photos from my birthday weekend!
 On the 6th August I had my party
Obviously panda themed!
My mum and dad came together to organise an amazing evening.
the decorations were amazing, we had a chocolate fountain, pick and mix sweet stand, popcorn stand, champagne toast, amazing birthday cakes, cupcakes everywhere and tonnes of photos scattered about
Mum displayed a lot of my photography work for everyone to see which was kind of embarassing but nice for everyone to see what I do
Trying to eat Kat's sweetie bracelet...
Kat's dress was New look 
My Dress was the Debenhams one I fell for a while ago!
I had my hair done at a small salon in Handcross called Goldilocks for only £20!
If your local I definitely recommend you check them out. 
 Me and my closest male friend Adrian
 Before I was allowed in
I love my family, always good for a laugh
My cousins Andy and Kayla, my Grandad and me

 The birthday cakes, the chocolate covered one was actually red velvet...NOM!

 With half of my 'boys' as I call them :P 
 With my Dad's side of the family
 Me and the best friend :)
Both shoes from New Look
 The rest of the boys :) 
 Some of Mum's side of the family
With two of my other close girl friends Sarah and Sophie

Overall a busy couple of months!
For my birthday everyone has put money towards a Mulberry Alexa bag...can't wait to get it. Mum's thinking I should wait till November as there's a Mulberry shop in the terminal we fly from at Heathrow but I don't know if it will be any cheaper...must find out! I've also worked out I've got enough left over to get the Tiffany Key necklace I've been lusting after and a new pair of running trainers. I've been well and truly spoilt this year. My Dad and his wife bought me a rose gold Michael Kors watch which I love! It's gorgeous! My cousin and her fiance also spoilt me rotten with a Thomas Sabo charm bracelet and key charm, MAC make up, Clarins skin care, Lasenza Underwear and panda biscuits :) Other presents were a spa day, makeover and photoshoot, £80 schuh vouchers (can't wait to spend them!) and lots of alocholic bubbles. 

If you've made it this far I'm impressed! I should be back soon with plenty of beauty and fashion related posts. OOTD's may be sparse as now I'm working full time I wear such a masculine uniform and do quite an active job I'm going to be knackered in the evenings so nothing to fancy if anything other than PJ's to post! But I'll try :) 

Take Care