Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Benefit Lip Glosses Part 1

Before Christmas I posted about the Benefit High dlyin' Lip Gloss set but without swatches as it was a gift for someone
I also received the set for Christmas so now I'm able to swatch and show you guys
There are six different shades in the collection of glosses each one is based on one of the infamous Benefit box of powders
I'll split the collection into two posts otherwise it could go on a bit!
The full size of these glosses retail for £13.50, in the set they are all mini sizes which is good to try out the different colours available



Coralista~Sheer Coral Lip Gloss
Pretty much a jelly consistency and look
A translucent finish gives a fairly subtle but bright wash of colour
As the name suggests this is the perfect partner to the gorgeous coral box of blush Coralista
One of my favourites in the collection


Dallas~Dusty Rose Lip Gloss
A new lip colour to me, I'm normally a pink or coral kind of girl
So it's nice to try something new and Dallas is incredibly flattering and the perfect day time gloss
Similarly I thought the Dallas bronzer wouldn't be my cup of tea but I really enjoy using it


Dandelion~Soft Pearly Pink
This one is very sheer on the lips only really giving a slight shimmer
Very natural and great when having a subtle make up day when you don't want to look too over done

I've really been liking these new additions to the Benefit range and think there may be a few winners here to look into buying full size...Dallas most definitely!


Sunday, 24 February 2013

Clarins Wish List

Clarins Spring 13

Clarins has recently become quite the favourite in the blog world and I've seen so many reviews on various products
Prompting me to have a browse of their website and I think I may have fallen in love, multiple times!
My cousin works in a salon which is run by Clarins and she uses all their makeup and I completely trust her judgement so let the spending commence.
The above collage is just a few of the products I'm lusting after

1. Pore Minimizing Serum £23.00 ~ As I've said numerous times on my blog I've been suffering with bad skin for so long now. I was hoping it was just a freak break out last summer but it still hasn't really calmed down and I can't figure out what it is in my lifestyle doing it. So all I can do is try new products in the hope of finding something to soothe my skin woes...I'm hoping this serum may be it, having never tried a serum ever before I'm very intrigued by this and will most definitely be picking this up. It claims to visibly shrink your pores resulting in smoother and tighter skin. Fingers Crossed!

2. Rouge Eclat Lipstick in Woodrose £18.50 ~ This one is pretty self explanatory really, pretty dusky pink colour, gorgeous packaging, lipstick...I'm sold 

3. Beauty Flash Balm £29.00 ~ This has been a cult beauty product in the 'blogosphere' for so long now and I don't know why I haven't tried it yet, I'm a huge sucker for hype and give in on most occasions. It claims to be a radiance booster and that it eliminates signs of fatigue in a flash. I.Need.This. Simple, my skin looks so dull all the time and I need something to perk me up so I'll definitely be purchasing this one.

4. Palette Eclat Face & Blush Powder £30.00 ~ Lets just take a minute to enjoy the beauty of this palette...stunning. With every new collection release there is a new powder with a beautiful design of some sorts and this season is the pretty hibiscus flower. A little while ago I splurged on the mosaic face powder they released and it's still going strong, in fact it's one of my favourite make up items and I love how well it's lasted. This being said I might not need a new powder compact but hey I'm a beauty blogger I so need this!

5. Eye Quartet Mineral Palette £30.00 ~ Rather expensive for four eyeshadows but their so puuuurdy. I'm deeply regretting not purchasing the previous eye quartet from Clarins so don't think I'll be letting this one slip through my fingers. Even if it is an early birthday present to myself! The colours are pretty and wearable, perfect for both an everyday look and to smoke it out for an evening look.

Do you have any recommendations for Clarins products?


Friday, 22 February 2013

Stila Lip Glaze Collection



All is Bright Lip Glaze Set 
£18.50 down to £12.95

At Christmas (I know crazy to still be talking about it in February but I've got lots of beauty bits to be getting through) Stila had a few different gift sets and a lip glaze set was one of them
They're still available on the Stila website at the discounted rate, such a good bargain considering each full size glaze alone is around £16!
Out of the eight colours above only two are permanent al though I can only see Black Cherry on the website at the moment.
From what I can gather from other online swatches the lip glazes are consistently well pigmented and glossy 
I like how in the gift set there was a good range of different colours included ranging from subtle, sheer pinks right up to deep berry.
The darker colours look gorgeous on the lips
I personally can't really pull off a matte, dark, vampy lip but the glossy finish makes it so much more wearable
They do slightly stain the lips once the gloss has worn off but in a flattering way 
Plus the gloss lasts really well, which to me is quite surprising as I tend to find it disappears off my lips within half an hour
I still felt  the gloss at least 2 hours after application
I would definitely recommend looking into these, especially the gift sets they do as they're such good value!


Monday, 18 February 2013

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Shower Gel

sugar crush

Soap and Glory
Sugar Crush Body Wash

This smells DIVINE! 
Absolutely amazing, I think this might actually be my favourite Soap and Glory scent
Sometimes their scents can be slightly too sweet and sickly but this is the perfect balance between citrus and sweet
The main scent is lime but also a sugary undertone 
As a body wash it does the job...foams nicely and the scent lingers on my skin for hours afterwards
Not hugely overpowering but it's there and smells yummy!
Can't really say much about a shower gel other than it smells good and makes bubbles
I've nearly finished it in only a few weeks...good sign as I can be slightly fickle with shower gels and often switch between a few!
This lovely scent comes in a body scrub and body butter
I may have to purchase these two products 
My main goal is to smell like a sugary lime ;)


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Benefit 'Go Tropicoral' Review




Benefit Go Tropicoral Lip and Cheek Set

I received this for Christmas and have been really enjoying using it
As usual with Benefit products the packaging is cute and functional
There isn't a huge amount of wasted space so this is nice and compact
Perfect for traveling, a running theme on my blog as I don't like to pack too much
Especially when I go to New York as I intend to purchase quite a lot of make up once there
Within this set you get mini sizes of some popular Benefit products; High Beam, Cha Cha Tint, Coralsita Blusher and Coralista Lipgloss
Coral is definitely my favourite make up colour
It suits my skin tone and I think it's rather universally flattering on everyone
I seem to be accumulating a collection of Coralista blushers in mini and full size
Lucky it's one of my favourites really!
In the box you also get a pretty decent sized mirror so you can see your full face when applying make up rather than just your eye
Also some handy tips and tricks cards 
I'm thinking about adding a bit of the High Beam into my everyday foundation as I don't tend to use liquid highlighters that much in my routine
My everyday make up routine is pretty lazy if I'm honest! 

Do you like these kind of collections boxes?


Monday, 11 February 2013

Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Plumping Lip Gloss



Sexy Mother Pucker Plumping Lip Glosses
Soap & Glory
£9.00 each (Full size, above photo mini)

For Christmas I received this set of miniature Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Glosses from Soap & Glory, a perfect way to try out the majority of colours on offer before shelling out the £9.00 for each full size product
The above five shades are all current in the S&G cosmetic line alongside another colour called Pink Apricot
Each shade has a different flavour:
Yummy Plum ~ Chocolate Raspberry
Half Naked ~ Buttered Popcorn
Transparent ~ Chocolate Orange
Candy Floss ~ Vanilla
Punch Bowl ~ Chocolate Cherry
I like this idea of different flavours and don't found them too overpowering which is a change as most synthetic flavours make me gag a little!
The lip glosses contain the superfill and lipswell lip plumping technologies
Once applied your lips begin to instantly tingle, being the first time I'd tried a plumping product this was a strange experience to begin with. 
I don't feel like I have naturally thin (or full to be honest) lips so never thought I needed plumping but since using these glosses I've been loving the subtle plump look my pout takes on

Have you tried a lip plumping product before?


Thursday, 7 February 2013

Grease Lightening Review

Lush Grease Lightening

Grease Lightening £5.95/45g

A couple of weeks ago I had a major breakout, only a week before I was due to be bridesmaid for my boyfriends sister...stress!
Turns out I was super stressed about numerous things and these are more in check now.
I picked this up from Lush along with the Cosmetic Warrior fresh face mask, Benefit's boo boo zap and Benefit Boi-ing (I needed something to cover up the 'boo boos')
I used this straight away on all my problem areas and noticed how much it calmed down my redness and took away the inflamed areas. 
The problem bits were really painful so I couldn't wait to get rid of the gits!
After a few days my skin started to show signs of repair and getting back to normal.
I was still suffering come the wedding but no where near as bad as before.
Since then whenever I feel a little blemish coming up I pop a bit of this on after I've cleansed and toned just before bed and let it work its magic.
I definitely recommend this product, other than it dries the skin a little with excessive use (which can be rectified with a good moisturiser of course) it is really effective.

Anyone else suffer from random breakouts out of the blue?
What do you use to help?


Sunday, 3 February 2013

Relvon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm Stain in Crush and Romantic




Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm Stains
Crush and Romantic
£7.99 at Boots

I've now ended up buying all of the available colours available in this range from Revlon
As I've said before they are just the perfect product for me and many others judging by the high praise they receive
They go on smoothly, last really well even once the moisture has gone you're still left with a stain on the lips
These are the two most pigmented out of the whole range and are both gorgeous colours
Crush is the perfect Autumn Winter Berry lip shade 
It's the first time I've felt comfortable wearing a darker berry shade on my lips and have to say I've been loving it
Romantic is a bold red but applies slightly more sheer than Crush
It gives a subtle red colour to the lips but is really wearable
Perfect if you don't want to go all out on a bold red lip but still feel a little more put together
I now can't wait to go to New York and pick up the USA exclusive colours 
I think there's about 4 more but I'll try and be good!