Friday, 22 February 2013

Stila Lip Glaze Collection



All is Bright Lip Glaze Set 
£18.50 down to £12.95

At Christmas (I know crazy to still be talking about it in February but I've got lots of beauty bits to be getting through) Stila had a few different gift sets and a lip glaze set was one of them
They're still available on the Stila website at the discounted rate, such a good bargain considering each full size glaze alone is around £16!
Out of the eight colours above only two are permanent al though I can only see Black Cherry on the website at the moment.
From what I can gather from other online swatches the lip glazes are consistently well pigmented and glossy 
I like how in the gift set there was a good range of different colours included ranging from subtle, sheer pinks right up to deep berry.
The darker colours look gorgeous on the lips
I personally can't really pull off a matte, dark, vampy lip but the glossy finish makes it so much more wearable
They do slightly stain the lips once the gloss has worn off but in a flattering way 
Plus the gloss lasts really well, which to me is quite surprising as I tend to find it disappears off my lips within half an hour
I still felt  the gloss at least 2 hours after application
I would definitely recommend looking into these, especially the gift sets they do as they're such good value!


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