Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blusher in 'Pinched'




Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blusher

I'm a sucker for blushers...
Alongside eyeshadows they make up the majority of my collection
I feel so much more put together with a flush of colour on my cheeks
It has taken me a while o figure out when too much is just that, too much, and that a little can go a long way when it comes to your cheeks
The clown look is really not something I thrive for!
That's why I like how sheer cream blushers are and how easily and seamlessly they blend into the skin
Also really good when your doing your makeup on the go as you can just pop it on with your fingers, simples

Revlon are one of my favourite high street makeup brands, runner up is Maxfactor.
I love everything I try from them and always head to their stand first when I visit my local Boots, especially good when there's some kind of offer on 
As you can see from the second picture I've been using this for a while and am really enjoying it
I use my Real Techniques Stippling brush to apply and find it works best for cream blushers
It's very hard to apply too much of this as it's just so easy to blend whilst still workable on the skin 
Once it settles into the skin it dries to a silky powder finish which is really flattering on the skin as is the colour a gorgeous, subtle coral
Not as in your face as some other coral in my collection but perfect for an everyday makeup look where you don't want to look too overdone
This has been perfect from work worn with a simple eye look and a light foundation
Seeing as I like the formulation of Revlon's cream blushers so much I'm contemplating trying a few more, or trying a few other brands out.
Apparently MUA have a really good cream blusher for a bargain which may have to be purchased!