Sunday, 30 June 2013

Bath and Bodyworks Haul


hand san

Why don't we have Bath and Bodyworks in the UK?! 
This is madness!
I dragged my poor Mum around New York to try and find this store
She was not impressed but once she had a smell of some of the goodies inside she was happy enough
Al though wouldn't let me drag her back there again after I decided I needed more!
I really wanted to pick up some of the infamous candles but knew they would weigh too much in the suitcase, I'm now kicking myself so much as we bought another suitcase and had the room and weight for me to get some..sad times for a candle fiend like me
In the UK I had made myself a little list which only consisted of hand sanitizers and one of each a moisturiser and shower gel and body mist...I got carried away
Everything smells so good and the offers are always amazing!
I think some of the offers I was drawn in by was 6 large products for $30, 3 Minis for $10 and 5 hand gels for $5
I've fallen in love big time for the Cashmere Glow scent and have already asked a friend to pick me some more up when she goes to LA in August (hope she remembers!) 
I'm glad my Mum and I are planning to go to Florida late this year/early next year as I definitely want to pick up some candles and the home scents

Have you tried anything from B&BW?
Do you know somewhere to order from for the UK that's not overly priced?


New York Make Up Haul

new york haul

close up haul

close up 2

So just over a month ago I set off to New York with my Mum
It felt like we had been waiting so long for this holiday (well it was just under a year..)
I had a pretty good idea of a few products I wanted to pick up whilst in the states
Mostly stuff we can't get easily in the UK or are a lot cheaper in the US
The above haul is all the makeup goodies picked up, there was also a trip to Bath and Bodyworks (why don't we have that here!!!???) and to the beauty section in Victoria's Secrets.
I've also discovered the perfect skincare routine for my troublesome may or may not include the addition of a Clarisonic Mia to my arsenal

As you can see from the photos I went a little crazy for nail polishes
The Essies were only $7 and the OPI's were $9 on the cruise so I couldn't resist them
I also finally picked up the feather effect Nails Inc polishes, only $9, and the Illamasqua Speckle polishes which I'd been lusting after for so long
There are a few things missing from the photos as they are already well and truly implemented in my everyday make up bags but I will be reviewing everything I purchased

Hope you're all good :)
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Friday, 21 June 2013

Look Holiday Glow in Ibiza


Holiday Glow Bronzer
Look at Superdrug

Since I've been enjoying using my Hoola Bronzer I thought I'd dabble a bit further into the world of tannedness
When Look magazine first released their makeup line I wasn't hugely impressed
It all seemed like everything else on the high street
But recently I've been more attracted to the range, after trying the blusher I thought I'd give their bronzers a go. 
And so far I'm impressed

ibiza swatch

It's got more shimmer in than Hoola so if you were to use it as an all over colour you could end up reminiscent of a disco ball but the shimmer is subtle and pretty
It makes a lovely contour shade for my skin tone, not that I'm any good at that!
It's also such a stunning colour you could use it as an eyeshadow
This is great to take on holiday to use for a multi-purpose product

Have you tried anything from Look's makeup range?


Friday, 14 June 2013

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

double wear



FOTD 2-4-13

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in 2C3 'Fresco'

A little while back my friend and I went on a road trip to Bicester Village outlet shopping
Whilst browsing the Cosmetics Company Outlet (beauty bloggers heaven!) I saw a display of the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
I knew that there were a few shades being continued and assumed that the shades available were those being phased out but on looking at the Boots website the shade I matched is still available
In the outlet it was only £19.00 a bottle and seeing as I'd been wanting to try it out for so long of course I bought one
I love full coverage foundations as my skin isn't the greatest and I also have quite an uneven skintone, having heard that this particular foundation has exceedingly high coverage I knew it was one to try
Once I got home I couldn't wait to try it out
The shade I picked up was the perfect match to my skin colouring, infact I now wish I'd picked up another bottle at only £19!
The coverage is just what I like in a foundation but it doesn't feel too heavy on the skin as a thin layer gives the opacity I liked
Al though it is easy to go too heavy handed and end up with a thick layer on the skin, especially if your not used to a foundation with such high coverage.
It also lasts fantistically well with very little transfer
I use Clarins Beauty Flash Balm underneath this and it lasts throughout the work day and can carry me into any evening activity, albeit with a touch up of powder to eliminate any shine from the work day

Overall I would definitely say I am converted to this foundation
It is worth the hype, and completely deserves all the positive press!
Al though now I think the corresponding concealer may have to be purchased too

Have you tried the infamous Double Wear?


Monday, 10 June 2013

Fashionista Custom Blusher Palette



Custom Blusher Palette
£5.00 for Palette
£4.00 (or 4 for £10.00) for blusher pans
Fashionista at Superdrug 
Colours in palette: (clockwise from top left) Amber Glow, Milan, New York, London

I'd been contemplating getting a Fashionista blusher palette for a while now but for some reason never got round to it...but I bit the bullet and am so glad I did!
Such a bargain for £15.00 you get a compact palette and four different blushers of your choice.
What I love the most about this idea is you can take something only marginally larger than a bulky blusher with you on holiday and you've got four completely different blushers with you to enable you to achieve any look you fancy..brilliant!
It's the same idea as the MAC blusher palettes but immensely cheaper.
The choice of blushers for the palette is fairly extensive with thirteen different colours to choose from with a variety of finishes and also bronzers 
I chose three of the merged, baked blushers in Milan, New York and Milan
And also a mono blusher (which I assume just means a normal blusher) in Amber Glow
All the colours are really pigmented as you can see in the swatches
Out of the four colours I chose I don't think there are any duds, which is pretty good going considering I ordered them blind online!
My favourite has to be Milan, the only non coral toned blusher out of the bunch
It's a gorgeous, warm pink with shimmer running through it
The shimmer doesn't translate too obviously to the cheek which is fab as too much can look like a glitter overload which isn't good when your 22 and work in an office, not 7 at a school disco
The other three colours are all stunning as well and are all different, even if they are all from the same coral coloured family
I will definitely get so much use from this little palette 
it's so easy to just have everything in one place

Very tempting to get another and fill it with another four beauties