Sunday, 30 June 2013

New York Make Up Haul

new york haul

close up haul

close up 2

So just over a month ago I set off to New York with my Mum
It felt like we had been waiting so long for this holiday (well it was just under a year..)
I had a pretty good idea of a few products I wanted to pick up whilst in the states
Mostly stuff we can't get easily in the UK or are a lot cheaper in the US
The above haul is all the makeup goodies picked up, there was also a trip to Bath and Bodyworks (why don't we have that here!!!???) and to the beauty section in Victoria's Secrets.
I've also discovered the perfect skincare routine for my troublesome may or may not include the addition of a Clarisonic Mia to my arsenal

As you can see from the photos I went a little crazy for nail polishes
The Essies were only $7 and the OPI's were $9 on the cruise so I couldn't resist them
I also finally picked up the feather effect Nails Inc polishes, only $9, and the Illamasqua Speckle polishes which I'd been lusting after for so long
There are a few things missing from the photos as they are already well and truly implemented in my everyday make up bags but I will be reviewing everything I purchased

Hope you're all good :)
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