Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Hey Guys

Just a super quick post tonight
I've been really busy with uni work
My final deadlines have crept up and quite literally I'm shitting myself
Got lots of work to crack on with
But normal blogging shall recommence as soon as I'm de-stressed
Have some goodies to share

Love to everyone


Sunday, 17 April 2011

fairytale feeling

Well it's been a while since I last posted...
I'm still ploughing through my uni work, not long now till it's all over
I'm literally counting down to may 15th
So in the last week or so since I properly posted I've not been doing much
Going to the gym runnings now up to 30mins without stopping woop
Seeing my friends, I've reconnected with a group from school and am loving catching up and reminiscing 
Planning my 21st birthday party, to be honest I'm not that involved in the planning process as Mum has a lot of things she's keeping as surprises, she's telling everyone but me!
I have sorted invites though so at least I know who's coming...
But I have been hunting down the perfect dress
The party isn't until August so I have plenty of time
My Mum took me shopping last night so I've included some photos of what she treated me to. Excuse how awful my hair's looking in some of the shots, it hasn't been cut since last august and the split ends are ridiculous! Needless to say I'm booked in for a cut and dye soon...thank god!

I'll start with the shoes ...

 Nude Wedges, New Look, £19.99
I bought these to go with my graduation dress 
They're gorgeous and make my legs look amazing!
I wore them last night to my friends 21st birthday and I now have a new found love for comfy and I can walk in them, perfect

 Brown Loafers, New Look, £24.99
I tried a few pairs similar to these one but settled on these
I have size 8 feet and these make my feet look tiny....great when I get told I have clown feet
Come on their not that big!
May go back for the other pairs when Mr Student Loan comes through
 Nude Studded Flats, River Island, £26.99
I fell in love with these when I saw them weeks ago 
RI haven't had my size in every time I'd been in until yesterday
Mum wasn't easily convinced that they were necessary but I love them and they're surprisingly comfy
Also means Gavin hasn't tried to wind me up as he's scared I'll kick him!

 (excuse vacant expression)
Striped Maxi Dress, River Island, £24.99
RI had a dress similar to this last year but with different colours
I love the pastel colours on this and think the stripes are oddly flattering
Can't wait to wear this to bbqs and lazy days in the sun
 White and Blue Swallow Print Dress, Oasis, £60
This is the dress from my previous post, I tried it on yesterday and couldn't leave the shop without it
When I showed Mum the dress she said 'Oh I don't think that would be very flattering'..
as I walked out of the changing room all I said was 'Eat your words'
It's stunning...I've never loved a dress as much as I do this
I want to wear it now :( but I promised to save it for my graduation on the 28th July
So far away
It's a wee bit tight over my boobs but it's not uncomfortable so if I was to lose more weight (over a stone now!) it would still look flattering 
 Love the detailing
 This is my outfit from my friends birthday
Floral Blouse: Topshop
Striped Tunic: Topshop
Beige 'Chinos': New Look
I bought these trousers with Mum as well, £24/22.99 from New Look (can't remember!)
I've been trying to find some trousers like these for ages and was so happy that these fitted
I tried some on in New Look about 5 weeks ago and they wouldn't do up....HAPPY! 
This Topshop blouse has to be one my favourite things in my wardrobe

 White Sundress, Primark, £9 (I think)
I don't have much white in my wardrobe as I'm pretty clumsy and tend to make a mess
But I thought this was cute and fairly cheap so if I managed to destroy it it wouldn't be too big a deal
 I wore this for the awesome shopping trip
Blue Vest: New Look
Striped Skirt: H and M
The skirt is another recent purchase, £12.99
I sized down in it and feel it's still flattering

I love my Mum
She's the best at cheering me up when I'm having a pretty shitty time


Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Assymetric Frill Swallow Tunic

Perfect graduation dress
Wish I had money