Friday, 8 July 2011

Degree Results

I just got my results for my university degree
I now have a bachelor of arts with honours in
Photography and Media & culture
Second class upper division
I got a 2:1!!
Oh yes I'm rather happy
I know deep down if I put my all in I may have got a first but things haven't been easy
So I'm rather happy with my 2:1 and am now job hunting for PR/event work


Sunday, 3 July 2011

10 Favourite Summer Nail Polishes

As the summer weathers making another appearance this week I thought I would put together a post of my 10 favourite summer nail polishes.
I tend to stick with similar colour groups and coral is a stand out for me. 
From my selection I appear to be a bit of an O.P.I whore but I love their colour selection and the ease of use when I use them.
Please excuse the messy application I did this in a rush before going out last night
And I know my cuticles are a right state...I'm working on it. If anyone has any advice on quick fixes let me know!
O.P.I Nail Varnishes
Pink Flamenco
I Vant To Be a Lone Star
Bright Lights Big Colour
Mod About You
Whats With The Catitude 
Whats With The catitude: I'm not a huge fan of pale blue varnishes on me but when I have a slight tan they look quite nice
This is my favourite light blue in my collection and I love that it's from the Shrek collection!
Mod About You: I got this polish at the make up show I went to a little while ago. I love it as a base for glitter polishes for a super tacky barbie look! It's a lovely pale pink, opaque in two coats so quick and easy to apply.
Pink Flamenco: A hot fushia pink. NOM! This polish makes me feel kinda sexy if that's possible through a nail varnish.... Like all my O.P.I polishes I love the application of this.
I Vant To Be A Lone Star: Part of the recent Texas Cowboys collection, I bought this on a whim in Sallys and actually really like it. It's quite a cool colour so I wasn't sure how it would look on my skin tone but I quite like it. I think it's almost refreshing...

 Bright Lights Big Colour: I LOVE coral at the moment, so much so the dress I've bought for my 21st Birthday party is coral. I just find it very flattering against my skin tone and hair colour. This polish has a bit of gold shimmer shot through it which I think looks really ncie and gives it a little something extra.

 Rimmel Parma Violet, Rimmel Show Off, Models Own Coral Reef, Models Own, Beths Blue, China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise
 Parma Violet: I was looking for the perfect lilac, not sure this is it but it's still such a pretty colour. Really good wear too!
 Show Off: I'm a sucker for a pretty pink colour so of course this appealed to me... Excuse the really bad cuticles...worse than the rest!
 Beths Blue: Opaque in two coats, really good wear, lovely colour...winning! I tend to use for pedicures in the summer as it goes with the majority of my sandals/flip flops and wears really well.
 Turned Up Turquoise: This could have done with another coat to show it's complete neon-ness... a really stunning colour I always compliments when I wear this. A bit out of my comfort zone but I enjoy pushing my boundaries.
Coral Reef: Another I said a very summery colour in my books. This is one of my all time favourite polishes and I always reach for it when I'm stumped for colour to use on my nails. 

Love Belle