Friday, 22 October 2010

Extremely belated holiday photos well the first half anyway

I know I've been home from my holiday for over a month but I've been debating whether or not to post these photos but here goes!!
This is only the first half when we were in Florida as the boyfriend is moaning that I'm on my laptop too much....
The photos aren't in a very good order either :/

Outside Golden Corrall
Top from New Look, Sunglasses from Accessorize

On the airplane on the way there

In the car on the 5 min drive to the airport, the joys of living so close!

Universal Studios, Hogwarts in the background
T-Shirt from Victoria's Secrets, Shorts from River Island, Bag from Guess

Demonstrating how to use a broomstick

Frozen Butter Beer

Me and my Mummy :)

The Hogwarts Express

Tony Romas yummy ribs, after the first day of shopping

Posing in my new $20 Billabong dress

Second huge days shopping

Trying to be healthy....

Universal Studios Carpark
Top from Jack Wills, Skirt from Dorothy Perkins, Sandals from Topshop

Universal Studios globe

Nice and wet from the rapids

MGM studios Disney
Dress from Primark, Bag from Marc B at Topshop

The cheesecake Factory!!
Fruity one, red velvet one, Reese's peanut butter cups one :D

Sea World show

With Shamu :)
Top from Topshop, Skirt from Forever 21

Denny's for yummy breakfast noms

Miami Clock, 100 degrees!!!
Top from Abercrombie and Fitch, Skirt from Primark, Shoes from Next

Miami Beach

Outside the Versace Mansion

Miami ink
Top from Forever 21

Magic Kingdom Castle

Belle x

Take the time just to listen, when the voices screaming are much too loud

Just some random photos from my Blackberry from the past couple of months....finally found my cable!

Honey helping me pack for moving out

Chocolate frog from Universal Studios

Honey watching the T.V

Me bored at work, giving the straighteners a break!

ME at my other job in the Gingerbread man suit from Shrek

Puppies crawling all over my lovely Luella bag, just too cute to tell off!

My first tattoo

Amazing biscuits I found in Selfridges

Honey drinking out of the tap in Mum's bathroom

The little cutie

Our lounge at the flat

Me playing around with new MAC lipsticks

I love my little fluff ball :D

Yummy Chocolate cake

Before university

It's been a nicely balanced week this week. I've worked three days, been at uni for one and done a lot of uni work in between. I'm well and truly back into my new gym routine and have already dropped a few pounds :) Still struggling with my photography project but where's the fun in it being plain sailing aye! We're off to test drive a new fiesta tomorrow, I've chosen hot magenta its such a gorgeous colour!! After Charlotte at Lipglossiping posted about Nails Inc's offer on the set of 10 nail polishes I honestly couldn't resist...and here they are (sorry about the crappy quality, my camera died and I couldn't be bothered to try and find the charger, the joys of moving!!)

I love them! I'm currently wearing Eagle Street. It went on lovely and looks even better. So happy :D

Now off to cook a Stir-fry


Belle x

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Pandas, New York and Life....

It's been another crazy week.
My tutor for photography has had me pretty much change my project from twisted fairytales (which I've done a whole summer's worth of research on) to something more concept now I have choice of women's struggle in being sexy (I can't explain it very well....) or child abandonment issues/attachment theory. I think I'll go for the latter.
Anyone know any photographers/theorists who have dealt with this theme???

Other than that I've started working on my first essay of the symester which isn't going too badly for the minute. For the media side of my degree I have to keep a surveillance journal for 24 hours recording how many times I'm watched etc. I know it's going to make me so paranoid!!

All I seem to do is uni work and work work. I've seen my Mum a lot this week which has been nice, went to see The Hole 3D, in no way is that kiddies film! I was scared and I love horrors!!! And I saw The life and death of Charlie St Cloud, which was rather good, sad but good....

I still haven't got round to putting together my review posts but when I get some more time I'll pop them up, to be honest I don't know if it's really worth it!

Anyway here's some photos of things I'm loving this week...

Pandas :D
I love Pandas so much

New York

My Mum's said that as I'm not really into the idea of a big 21st birthday party next year that we'll go on a holiday to celebrate my birthday and my graduation (possibly even engagement...) and I've wanted to go to New York for years :) So we're planning on spending a week in New York and then doing a cruise together for a week, I'm so excited!!! Even though it won't be until November next year :(
Gavin also wants to take me away near my birthday, I'm hoping somewhere hot and tropical :P but it will probably be Devon or Cyprus. He did say when we first started seeing each other that he won't propose until I'm 21 so I'm hoping next year....fingers crossed!!


I'm still waiting but patiently...
Excited! Maybe under the Christmas tree.......

Snow Fairy

I had to see what all the fuss was about Lush's limited edition Christmas goodies and have since fallen in love with this loooovely :)
I've already stocked up with another large bottle hidden away. I LOVE showers now, I don't mind getting out of bed early for uni for this little bottle of goodness. Nom nom nom!

Gossip Girl

Pretty Self explanatory....
I love it :)
Series 4 is awesome, just a shame Gavin doesn't like it so I can't watch it when he's around. I've even got my best friend hooked on it, woop :)

I've also gotten back to the gym and am well and truly into my Christmas shopping, well about halfway there. We've been car hunting too so like I said busy busy busy!!


Belle x

p.s I don't know why this is all underlined!!! What happened!?!?!