Friday, 22 October 2010

Take the time just to listen, when the voices screaming are much too loud

Just some random photos from my Blackberry from the past couple of months....finally found my cable!

Honey helping me pack for moving out

Chocolate frog from Universal Studios

Honey watching the T.V

Me bored at work, giving the straighteners a break!

ME at my other job in the Gingerbread man suit from Shrek

Puppies crawling all over my lovely Luella bag, just too cute to tell off!

My first tattoo

Amazing biscuits I found in Selfridges

Honey drinking out of the tap in Mum's bathroom

The little cutie

Our lounge at the flat

Me playing around with new MAC lipsticks

I love my little fluff ball :D

Yummy Chocolate cake

Before university

It's been a nicely balanced week this week. I've worked three days, been at uni for one and done a lot of uni work in between. I'm well and truly back into my new gym routine and have already dropped a few pounds :) Still struggling with my photography project but where's the fun in it being plain sailing aye! We're off to test drive a new fiesta tomorrow, I've chosen hot magenta its such a gorgeous colour!! After Charlotte at Lipglossiping posted about Nails Inc's offer on the set of 10 nail polishes I honestly couldn't resist...and here they are (sorry about the crappy quality, my camera died and I couldn't be bothered to try and find the charger, the joys of moving!!)

I love them! I'm currently wearing Eagle Street. It went on lovely and looks even better. So happy :D

Now off to cook a Stir-fry


Belle x

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