Thursday, 29 November 2012

Benefit High Flying Lip Gloss Set

high flyin glosses

High Flying Glosses Set

Every year Benefit bring out various make up gift sets for Christmas
Each set comes in gorgeous packaging as you would expect from Benefit
Recently Benefit released a range of lip glosses to compliment their boxes of blushers
I'd love to give them a go but not being a lover of lip glosses means I'm hesitant to spend money on them
I picked up this lip gloss set for a friend for Christmas, there are six different shades in the pack to correspond with the blushers; Coralista: Sheer Coral, Dallas: Dusty Rose, Bella Bamba: Sheer Bright Watermelon, Hoola: Shimmering Golden Nude, Sugarbomb: Shimmering Pinky Nude and Dandelion: Soft Pearly Pink.
The glosses aren't full sized but aren't teeny tiny mini. Their the perfect size to chuck in your bag on a night out.
At £19.50 it works out at only £3.25 each which is a bargain to be able to try all six different colours. 

Have you tried the new glosses from Benefit?


Sunday, 25 November 2012

OPI My Private Jet

OPI My own private jet

OPI 'My Private Jet'

This is one of my favourite nail varnishes in my collection
It's quite an autumnal colour and now that it's getting slightly cooler I figured it was time to crack out the more seasonal colours.
I love how the colour is dark but not on the side of gothic
It goes between a black, brown and charcoal grey
The glitter isn't blingingly in your face but it is there, nice and subtle which makes a nice change sometimes
The coverage is opaque in one coat but I always do two out of habit
I never fee l I can comment on wear time with the job I have but it held up ok for two days at work so far

Any other OPI's I might have missed out on?


Monday, 19 November 2012

Christmas List

Christmas is my favourite time of year
I'm just like my Mum, we are the most festive people in our family
Last year we didn't celebrate as usual because my Grandad was in hospital
This year we're going to do him proud and have a great Christmas for him
I love spending time with my family and the festive period is all about family for us
Every weekend is full of various get togethers
I like to plan Christmas shopping very early and most people just laughed in my face when I asked what they wanted, back in September.
But now I have a super organised list for everyone and am about 80% done
I can't wait to sit down with a cheesy Christmas film, candles lit and a glass of wine to wrap them all up 
As a lover of lists I've made a 'visual guide' as my boyfriend always says he won't buy me anything off of a list... 


1. Philosophy Sugar Plum Fairy Gift Set ~ Boots
I actually bought this for a friend for Christmas and have fallen for the cute little set myself. The smell of the shower gel is amazing and it comes with a lovely little lipgloss, both a stunning deep purple colour. When I go to NYC I want to purchase a few Philosophy bits so I see this as a sampler to the goods ;)

2. Converse Sequin Trainers ~ Schuh
I saw these in a magazine a little while ago and thought they were gorgeous!
I've always been a converse girl at heart, at one point I had around 8 pairs...back in my emo/skater days...
I really like how these have a bit of glam factor about them
On the site I even read a review of a bride planning to wear these laced with ribbon on her wedding day...such a cute idea for a heel-phobe (I'm not phobic of course just can't walk in them to save my life!)

3. Stila Into The Light Eyeshadow Palette ~ Boots
This has appeared on countless blogs recently
Of course I've been lemming it, a neutral eyeshadow palette, it has my name all over it
Considering it's had such great reviews I'd love to add it to my little collection
It seems a bit smaller than the Urban Decay palette but mainly in length so it should fit in my smaller make up bag for on the go/travelling, perfect

4. Ted Baker Twinkee Glitter Bow Large Washbag ~ Ted Baker
Girly. Nude. Sparkly. Bow
Every girl needs a pretty washbag, self explanatory

5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Amy Gold Watch ~ Goldsmiths Jewellers
I've been drooling over gold, chunky watches for a while now but haven't quite found the one. It was close between this one and a Michael Kors watch, seeing as I got one for my 21st I figured I'd branch out into a different brand.
I kind of know for a fact that I won't be getting this simply because we aren't doing big presents this year but a girl can dream.

6. Too Faced Sweet Indulgence Make Up Set ~ Boots
I've never tried any Too Faced make up before but again seen plenty about it on blogs.
This limited edition kit looks like the perfect introduction to the brand. 
A good mixture of eyeshadows, blushers, primer etc. 

What's on your Christmas list this year?
Any traditions your family have?


Friday, 16 November 2012

Haus of Gloi Autumn products

haus of gloi

My first purchase of Haus of Gloi products...
Easily influenced, after seeing The Sunday Girl's post on the Halloween exclusive goodies I had to make an impluse purchase especially as the Halloween scents are limited edition I didn't want to miss out.
...Already being tempted by the Yule range
I'd been lemming the body scrubs and exfoliators so had to give them a try, and 
of course the body butters, love a good body butter especially in the winter

In my little 'haul' above I have:
Pumpkin Queen Sugar Exfoliant
Honeysuckle Lemon Curd Pumpkin Butter
Ghost Puffs Soft Bubbling Scrub
Litchi Milk Tea Pumpkin Butter
Imp Sugar Exfoliant
Butter Pecan Lip Balm
Gingersnap Lip Balm

sugar exfoliant

I've never really been too fussed about body exfoliators but recently I've definitely noticed a difference in my skin and that it may well need a little attention
As these are only a small sample jar I thought they would be perfect to give the formula a try before committing to a larger version
The scents I purchased are the Pumpkin Queen and Imp scents
All of the products I purchased have sweet and fruity scents which is something I look for when shopping for body products
I'm not a huge fan of anything overly floral or spicy but a little is alright 
The Pumpkin Queen scent actually has hints of peach in which is my all time favourite scent
If something has peaches in it I'm all over it!
The Imp scent is again rather sweet

soft bubbling scrub

Ghost Puffs Soft Bubbling Scrub
This smells divine!
It's a mixture of buttery popcorn (nom!) and marshmallow (double nom!)
It could be too sweet for some tastes but to me it's perfect
A slightly different scrub to the above
It's smoother, and not so grainy.
There's cocoa butter in the formula so leaves your skin super smooth

pumpkin butter

I love love looooooove Lychees (not sure why haus of gloi spell it weirdly) 
Their scent is gorgeous too, not quite my favourite peach will hold that spot forever 
But I do love this nearly as much
It's sweet and fruity with almost a floral undertone, a bit like when you eat a lychee it's mainly fruity but there's a perfume kind of floral taste too
These are extremely moisturising and sink into the skin really quick as well
I've got the Honeysuckle and Lemon Curd flavour on my desk at work to pop on my elbows and fore arms during the day
The scent lingers well too which I like as it's such a nice smell to catch a waft of

I also bought two of the lip balms as I seem to be the biggest lip balm addict!
The Butter pecan is over sweet to me, shocking I know, it smells too sweet and overpowering, a bit sickly too
I still use it but not as much as I'd like to
The Gingersnaps is pleasant as the ginger isn't too strong
Both balms are really moisturising and last well on the lips

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow in 'Pink Gold'


Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24 hour Eyeshadow
Pink Gold 

I've already reviewed of the other shades available in the Maybelline colour tattoo eyeshadows but this has to be my favourite by far
A gorgeous creamy pink colour which seems to show up differently on different skin tones
I've seen swatches on some people where it leans more rose gold whereas on others it can be quite cool and frosty
On myself it's more cooler but not too frosty that it looks barbie pink


As you can see from the above photo it has a lovely shimmer going through it
I don't personally like matte eyeshadows as I feel they lack pigmentation but also look very flat and uninspiring
A little bit of shimmer is alright for day time as long as you don't look like a disco ball
In my opinion there is just enough shimmer to make this a stunning finish but not too much that it can't be used as an everyday shadow
Which is exactly what I use it for
On the mornings where I'm on an early at work I just slick a bit of this on, a little mascara and off I go


The formula means it stays in place all day and I can still see the shimmer, with minimal creasing, when I finish a 9 hour shift at work
By this point my foundation is long gone but at least my eyes still look good
A bit of a turn around this colour seems to be exclusive to us in the UK and I can't see it on any of the American websites, considering they have twice as many colours available than us this is different...

Have you tried the Colour Tattoos?


Saturday, 3 November 2012

Soap and Glory Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser

hot cloth

Soap and Glory Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser

I seem to have a thing about purchasing hot cloth cleansers at the moment
After finally getting my mitts on the infamous Liz Earle cleanser (all be it the limited edition scent) I've been eager to try similar products
I love having that little bit of time to myself in the evenings having a good cleanse rather than my previous habit of just using a make up wipe on it's own..

I really enjoy using a lot of Soap and Glory's other products so I thought I'd give their version a go
As with other hot cloth cleansers a muslin cloth was included (I'm getting quite the collection now!) 
The product itself has panthenol, natural sweet almond, orange and lavendar essential hours in it so the scent is pleasant and not chemically at all
I find it in a similar league to the limited edition Liz Earle cleanser, a soothing, lightly fruity scent.
It takes my eye make up off really well too, some cleansers require a second dose of rubbing but this one does the trick in one go
My skin feels soft after and no residue is left behind on my skin

I'd most probably repurchase but considering there are so many cleansing products around I'll probably try a few more and see if I stumble across the holy grail product.