Friday, 12 November 2010

When tanning goes bad.....

On holiday my friend and I got severely burnt
It only happened in the space of two hours but really bought our holiday down
We were in agony for the remainder of the cruise, it hurt to walk, move, sleep
We were sunbathing on the top deck so it was windy as were sailing, this was deceiving...
We had applied suntan cream but obviously not enough
Luckily a man sunbathing near us said we were starting to go pink and should probably go indoors, thank god he did! If we had stayed out much longer this would have been 10x worse!
To begin with we were just really really sore then started to peel, not attractive!
I still have a white stripe across my boobs and a triangle on my arse and this was 2 months ago...
I did however wear a bikini which I'm proud of myself for :)
Here are some severely cropped photos of my lovely (wobbly) body

Brings back the memories of the pain!
Needless to say I learnt my lesson!

Belle x

Second half of holiday

This is taking forever!
Here are some photos from the second part of my holiday
Cruising around the Caribbean

My Mum and Me on the way to dinner on the first night

Me and My best friend Kat
Dress: American Eagle
Necklace: Accessorize
Kat's Dress: Forever 21
Sandals: Next

Before we figured out how to use a self timer

Breakfast on the first day (Pre-scarily bad sunburn)
My dress: Tesco
Kat's dress: Primark

Eating Cupcakes whilst the sunburn brews!

First formal night
Maxi dress: New Look
Clutch: Primark
Necklace: New Look
You can just about see how bad the sunburn is getting here
Tip: Never get as burnt as we did! I'll post THE sunburn pic in my next post....

On the way to our first excursion....snorkelling safari :)
Covering the sunburn which made me waddle in agony for almost two weeks!
We did a huge zip line after this as well, still need to scan the photos in
T-Shirt: Labadee :P
Sunglasses: Accessorize

As we were docking into Haiti

Celebrating our friends engagement
Dress: Hollister
Cardigan: Aerie

Very happy with my starbucks :)
Dress: New Look
Wore this a fair bit, only thing I could get away without a bra, damn sunburn strikes again!

Looking more tanned rather than burnt :)
Dress: River Island

Ready for the Mayan Ruins tour
My lovely Nikon D300s :)
Top: Forever 21

One of my favourite photos from the holiday
My dress: Republic
Sandals: Topshop
Clutch: Primark
Kat's dress: French Connection

Second formal night (acting very formally!)
Dress: Charlotte Russe

Final night
Top: Forever 21
Cardigan: Aerie
Bag: Guess

Just a few photos, the majority are on my facebook (Belle Price)

Belle x

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Current Lusts

As a UK size 16 high street fashion isn't completely out of my range...
It is however difficult to find flattering trends
I tend to stick with what I know, florals, dresses, floaty tops
Call it a comfort zone if you will
A few things I've been coveting recently....

Warehouse £75
This would be perfect for my Mum's cocktail party in December...
It wouldn't be too clingy on my 'problem' areas, all though my trainer is helping with those :)
The sparkles are just enough to make it special but not too OTT

£65 Warehouse
I'll probably wait until this (hopefully) goes in the sale
It's just my style, but isn't floral so it would make a nice change

£65 Warehouse
This is another contender for the Cocktail party dress
£10 cheaper but I think I might need to take my Mum with me and try them both on
Need to get some new shoes too :)
£50 Topshop
This is a stunning dress
Although I feel the bodycon skirt would not be good on me at all
I don't tend to suit tight skirts, they look weird on me
But it would be worth buying a pair of spanx just for this little beaut!

£38 Topshop
Another topshop dress, I love them :)
This is a little different for me, the print is a bit out of my comfort zone
I love leopard print, mainly on shoes or accessories, but I don't have any clothes with the print
The cut of this dress looks like it would be really quite flattering, just hope it would fit!

£48 Topshop
I have the lighter colour of this cardigan and live in it
This more camel toned version is really nice too
But can I justify two £48 cardigans so similar??

£38 Topshop
I love the peter pan collar style around at the moment, it's so cute
This is probably due to my final major project centering on themes of fairytales and Peter Pan being one of my all time favourite Disney films
Again a leopard print (I'm really embracing it :P)
This might be a trying on possibility, not sure it would flatter my shape...

£35 Topshop
Love the colour
Love the shape
This is a perfect shape! It would be really flattering and smart with a pair of black skinny trousers, great for a few drinks with the girls :)

£35 Topshop
This is a dress I love but not sure I would wear
The shape and material is really nice it's just the stripes I'm not sure about
I love a good stripe but I don't think it looks quite right here
I think if I try it on I could change my mind...

£32 Topshop
Another flowwy to avoid the muffin top effect of trousers!
A pretty print and a cinched in waist, yum

£28 Topshop
More peter pan collars!
The colour of this dress reminds me of mulled wine
Something I can't wait to make

£28 Topshop
A cheap and cheerful dress (I've gone insane, £28 is now cheap!?)
The colour's a bit different, not sure about it against my skin tone but you never know!
The shape reminds me of the perfect black dress I used to have, until it shrunk and got far too short to be decent

£26 Topshop
Bit of a different print for me, there is a floral version but I have so many florals in my wardrobe another would just be silly....

£18 Topshop
I don't have enough plain tops in my wardrobe
This isn't plain and boring though, the texture gives it a little something and would hide any lumps and bumps...

£39.50 Style 369
I found this store via plus size blogs and love the shoe selection
I have wide feet and have issues with shoes sometimes, despite this I have too many of them apparently!
These are gorgeous, the heel doesn't look too high and I could wear them during the day with ease (I'm not a heels kind of girl!)

£18 Style 369
Love flat shoes and these are very pretty with their tapestry style print
Perfect for autumn with thick tights and a pretty dress (possibly the rust coloured Topshop one? I think so)

Sorry about a super long post but I haven't posted in a while :)

Belle x

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Plus Size...

Being more on the plus size rather than slim I've been thinking about turning this blog more into a place where I talk about what fashion works for me and my shape, my inspirations and opinions on certain fashions.
Granted I don't blog that much, but right now I have limited time with being in a full time job and degree but I will set aside more time having a direction.
I'm not sure how it will go down though...guess we shall see!!

Belle x

Thursday, 4 November 2010

New York

My Mum's taking me away to New York for my 21st Birthday next year
Any suggestions of things to do?
Places to see?
Places to shop?
Places to nom?
Let me know!

Belle x


I love, love, love Christmas!
It's definitely my favourite time of year.
It's not just about the presents, as the boy seems to think...
The smells, foods, seeing family ahhh I adore it!!
My family don't get together as much as we used to so around Christmas extra effort is made which makes it really special for me :)

All though I do have an rather long Christmas list consisting of lots of books and goodies....


Tiffany Bead Bracelet :)

So so pretty, shame Gavin doesn't see the point in Tiffany jewellery...


Tiffany Bead Earrings

Got to get the matching earrings of course!!


Mulberry Alexa....Never going to happen but I can dream!!!

What is everyone else hoping Santa's going to bring them ;)?

Belle x


I know it's been FOREVER since I posted but I've been super busy!
A quick list/update to explain...
  • I'm on a shopping ban so I have no new goodies to talk about or review :( I do however still need to post my reviews in various make up products...
  • I'm really struggling with a work/uni/relationship balance. Having to pay a mortgage and be a full time student is difficult :( I see so many pretty things I can't buy as all my money goes on bills now :( Working at the cinema means I work till 10/10:30 some nights so Gavin's on his own at home a lot which isn't go too well for us.
  • Luckily my Mum has offered me more shifts with her so I should be leaving the cinema soon, woop except for no free films, not that I have the time! I'll be doing more creative, useful things with Mum and hopefully after Christmas I'll get the job I want in a local graphics/advertising company.
  • Other than work and uni I've been to see Avenged Sevenfold in concert (amazing!), Christmas shopping and trying to see friends as much as possible hence a lack in posting, just no time!
Here's a few outfits to make it a less boring post!!!

I'm loving this cold weather :) Wrapping up warm, Christmassy Coffee, Kicking leaves... :D

Dress: Warehouse
Cardigan: Aerie
Tights: H and M
I wore my brown brogues from New Look as well

Just a basic everyday face as usual

Blouse: New Look
Black Vest: Tesco
Jeans: Torrid

I loved this outfit and felt so comfy at uni in it :)

My brown brogues, bought them ages ago and never wore them and now I live in them!

Again a nice basic face. Been using MAC Woodwinked lots recently, I love it

Dress: Warehouse
Brown Vest: Primark
Cardigan: Topshop
Tights: Primark
Brogues: New Look

I forgot to photograph this before uni today and really liked the outfit, unfortunately my hair/face looked a state hence the cropped photo!

A picture of me and the boy when we went out for his sister's birthday