Friday, 12 November 2010

When tanning goes bad.....

On holiday my friend and I got severely burnt
It only happened in the space of two hours but really bought our holiday down
We were in agony for the remainder of the cruise, it hurt to walk, move, sleep
We were sunbathing on the top deck so it was windy as were sailing, this was deceiving...
We had applied suntan cream but obviously not enough
Luckily a man sunbathing near us said we were starting to go pink and should probably go indoors, thank god he did! If we had stayed out much longer this would have been 10x worse!
To begin with we were just really really sore then started to peel, not attractive!
I still have a white stripe across my boobs and a triangle on my arse and this was 2 months ago...
I did however wear a bikini which I'm proud of myself for :)
Here are some severely cropped photos of my lovely (wobbly) body

Brings back the memories of the pain!
Needless to say I learnt my lesson!

Belle x

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  1. oh jeez! that looks really painful! be sure to use a ton of aloe vera! that should help with the burns.

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