Monday, 27 December 2010

Pressies :)

As I love seeing other people's posts on the Christmas gifts they received I thought I'd post one myself so here goes!

Lots of goodies including: Amazon Kindle, exercise ball, some dvds and cds, cake stand, two sets of panda salt and pepper pots (I broke my other ones :( ), loads of snow fairy goodies, vaseline gift set, clinique moisturiser, victoria beckham perfume, diesel perfume, lots more lush goodies (I'll do a follow up post with my thoughts on all the products), pants, socks, make up, lots of rings, ped-egg, hair curlers, light up mirror, a teddy bear you heat up for my sore joints, a Nao statue and lots of little bits and pieces...

Close up of some of the lush stuff and the rings

Cath Kidston Satchel bag
Love love love this :)
My Mum really spoilt me this year
She also got tickets for us to see Bon Jovi in Hyde park next summer, so excited!!!!

More books and dvds, keep me occupied! Some more lush goodies, I got two of the christmas gift sets and some extras, coffee syrup set, I love caramel lattes from Costa :P nom  nom nom!! Set of Cath Kidston Cups, winter woolies :)
There's a few other bits and bobs which I already put away and looooots of chocolate but that would be boring!

Woodland animals weekend bag from my auntie and uncle :)
This is huge! Much bigger than I expected but I love big bags
I'll be using this everytime I stay at my mums and when I have tonnes of books to take to and from uni :) 

Panda bag form Forever 21
Somehow mum and Kat managed to sneak this past me on holiday....

Lots of clothes
Everything is from New Look except the far left dress which featured on a previous post from topshop

I have been well and truly spoilt and I appreciate every gift I received 
Hope everyone had a great day too


Walking in a winter wonderland

Just a quick post before I pop to the sales with the bf, he wants a remote control helicopter :/ I'm banned from shopping till March though hmph!

Nails today are Models Own 'Beth's Blue'

Lovely colour
Really good coverage, only just needed a second coat
So far it's lasted two days without a top coat with only minimal damage
I'm changing them tonight though :)

Sale shopping outfit
Jumper: New Look (Christmas Present)
Trousers: Torrid
Necklace: Torrid
I'm wearing my brown brogues with this

Still not too sure about this fringe....
At least hair grows!

Off to shop..kind of


Now that it's all over....

Well after the months of anticipation (on my part :P) Christmas is all over 
I had a fantastic few days spent with mine and Gavin's families
Got lots of lovely presents and enjoyed some gorgeous food....
Here's a few photos of the festivities :)

I got bored on the 23rd and cut my fringe....hopefully it suits me but who cares if it doesn't!

Mum, Honey and I on our version of Christmas Eve (23rd Dec.)
Mum cooked my favourite Shepherds Pie, and we watched Predators and Eclipse before going off to read in bed...perfect 

The Christmas Tree before Santa visited
Unfortunately Mum's got the photo of it after 

Honey and I being awesome 

My Christmas Eve outfit
White Tunic: Jack Wills, this has some lovely embroidery on it 
Brown Cardigan: American Eagle Outfitters
Necklace: Ebay
Worn with black New Look leggings and burgundy, thick, knee high socks from Topshop
Finished off with my brown boots from Journeys

This photo sort of shows the new Accessorize blushes and the Maxfactor lip tint pen
Both lovely products :)

My main present from Mummy, the Amazon Kindle

Honey attacking her pile of presents

Christmas day at my Dad's
Me with his Staff Alfie
I decided not to wear the pink blouse with this skirt, instead I opted for my favourite Topshop jumper

My dad's wife, Helen, and I with presents 

New panda hat from Winter Wonderland market in London
Love it :) 

Gavin and I on Boxing Day
Unfortunately I woke up feeling like death on Christmas day and still feel pretty crap now so as you can see in this picture I'm looking quite ill :(

I've had a lovely couple of days and hope everyone else had a fantastic Christmas 


Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

Just a quick post to say Merry Christmas everyone!!
Hope you all have a fantastic day and get everything you deserve
I'm off to my Dad's soon, first Christmas day we're spending together in 6 years :)
I had one Christmas day yesterday with my  Mummy which was so fantastic!
Lots of lovely goodies to show you and tonnes of photos too.

Just a silly photo of my bf, the best friend and me being silly last night
These two are the loves of my life :) 
Love you both tonnes

Lots of hugs and kisses to everyone


Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Easy come, easy go, that's just how you live....

Hey my lovelies 

Today was spent with my lovely Mummy
We work together so this morning we braved the icy roads together to get in to the workshop Which is in the middle of nowhere! The joys of living in the countryside...
It was our mini Christmas do, a lunch out at the Smith and Western, an American cowboy themed restaurant, which was awesome. My favourite restaurant where we went for my 20th birthday this year :)

After that we dropped my Dad home and popped into town
Wandered around New Look and picked up a few bits, that Mum's taken home to wrap up for Christmas Eve (our own Christmas day this year)
So I shall post them after Christmas

Have to say I've been pleasantly surprised with the stock New Look are bringing out at the moment, a lot of it is extremely on trend and I have my eye on lots of bits and pieces in there
I really want to get my little mitts on some peg leg trousers but struggle to find some suit me :/ One day....

Anywho we also popped into Superdrug where I saw they had the Accessorize make up range in AND 3 for 2 on all make-up...well I couldn't say no that would be rude would it not?!

This weeks purchases: 

Now that I've finished with everyone else's gifts I got myself a few things,
just to tide me over until Christmas day

Aussie haircare was on 2 for £6 as usual in boots and I ran out of heat defence spray so thought I'd try a new one, I welcome 'Take the the heat' with open arms :) and also the 'Luscious Long' leave in conditioner, love this stuff. I've only used it a few times but my hair is so soft after I dry it. Happy bunny!

My mini MAC 'haul' is also pictured
I'm an NW15, finally I have a shade :) woop
I got the Studio Sculpt SPF 15 foundation, Mineralize Skin finish powder and the 188 brush.
I couldn't be happier with this little lot, my skin looks glowy and it covers my uneven redness. Yay!!

The Accessorize blushes are shades 'Starlet' on the left and 'Pretty in Pink' on the right


Pretty in Pink

I've wanted to try these for a while but I'm always a bit hesitant with buying make up online unless I know the quality of the product
So I was rather happy when I spotted these in Superdrug today and made a beeline to swatch them

They're so pretty in the pan and when swatched have just enough shimmer for my liking
I tend to stick to my Benefit 'Coralista' and Nars 'Orgasm' so these two colours are a nice change 

Left: Starlet
Right: Pretty in Pink

The fact they aren't highly pigmented is a bonus for me as I tend to have issues with being light-handed when it comes to blush, I can build these up to my desired outcome. I cannot wait to try these properly but I've just had a lovely shower and smothered myself in moisturiser. I'll take photo when I do wear these tomorrow.

For £5.50 each I think these are extremely reasonable and I'm tempted to go back for more, the bronzer shade is calling me.

I don't think I'll have a chance to blog now before Christmas as I'm off to my Mum's tomorrow afternoon and won't be back home until Friday evening, and obviously it's Christmas on Saturday so I might be quiet for the next few days :) 

Have a fantastic Christmas everyone


Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Models Own: Jade Stone

I've been left on my own tonight whilst the bf does 'man' business...
I think it might be something to do with my Christmas present :)
So I painted my nails
I have been meaning to post pictures of my nails for months as I paint them at least twice a week. So here's the first in hopefully many nail posts, enjoy

I used Models Own polish in Jade Stone
It's such a lovely colour, not a particularly wintery colour but I don't like to be normal...

Coverage was alright, two coats to achieve this effect
There was slight cuticle drag but this could be because I'm impatient, and it possibly could do with a thin third coat too

The colour in these images isn't quite spot on but I don't like editing photos
Next time I'll use my DSLR, I need to use it much much more 

Overall I like this varnish, colour and coverage are lovely. Don't know about longevity yet as I've only had it on 2 hours! 

Hope everyone's ok and ready for Christmas. Shortest day of the year today and my Granddad's birthday. It's feeling so dark and dingy, even with the tonnes of snow. Our heating's still broken, we can only have it on like an hour a day, so I'm currently curled up with my big thick cardi on and a huge mug of tea :) Nice...


21st birthday wish list

Now my 21st Birthday isn't until next August but I've been drooling over these for a while 

Jo Malone cologne 
Honey and Nectarine Blossom
I've been lusting after some Jo Malone goodies for a while, I'm tempted to buy this myself though and maybe choose another fragrance for a gift....not sure!

Louis Vuitton
Leopard Print Scarf
I love love love scarves! And this would be the perfect addition to my collection

Louis Vuitton
Speedy 30
This may have to wait until next year's holiday to NY, it's a bit cheaper I think

Michael Kors
Rose Gold Chronograph watch
Watches are something I continuously lust after
I'm turning into my Dad! He collects expensive watches
At the moment I wear my silver Guess watch everyday and sometimes it doesn't match my gold jewellery so it's necessary :)

Black Alexa
Self explanatory...

 Tiffany Rose Gold Key
As you can see I really like rose gold 
My Mum said she would buy me a Tiffany key for my 21st and this is the one I prefer :)
It's cheaper than the silver key she was eying up too so that's a plus!

Toy Watch
Another watch! Told you I love them
This is completely different to anything I already own

Well that's just a few more expensive things I'm loving right now
I wish I could just go buy them all! Eurgh having no money sucks :/

Off for some lunch and finish off the besties Christmas present


Something a little different....

Being stuck in alone because of the snow I had a chance to rummage about in my wardrobe
I managed to finally get some outfits together I like, I'm really struggling with the cold weather, just chucking on jeans, hoodies/jumpers and uggs and off I go
I also finally decided on my Christmas day outfit :)
So here's the result of todays outfit to pop shopping (quick trip to primark and superdrug as I'm so so poor!!) and then to the gym. Have to get the gym as the bf won't let me drive after the other weeks fiasco, panic attack issues....
I'm determined to get to the gym though as I'm getting extremely down and miserable about the weight I've put on, I've worked so hard to lose 2 and a half stone and now I'm half a stone off being my original weight! OMFG!!! What happened!?!? I am now determined to be strict and get on with losing weight. New York in November next year is my goal to lose at least those two stone again. Any tips to not eat the crap my bf insists on eating in front of me and putting in the trolley on a weekly basis? I have told him how I feel and he just doesn't understand how I can't resist chocolate and things that are bad for me when they're right in front of me...
Wow long bit of writing there...sorry!! I'll stop rambling now :)

Todays outfit
Shirt: New Look
Jeans: Torrid
Belt: American Eagle Outfitters
Watch: Guess (18th Birthday present, eying up a Michael Kors for my 21st next year!)
I intend to wear my brown brogues when I venture out too 

As I'm going straight to the gym I couldn't be bothered to straighten my hair or put on make up.
But to be far I think my hair looks alright, it has a bit of volume :O, well that never happens!

I never show my jewellery 
Normally I'm wearing my Tiffany bracelet and Troll beads charm bracelet on this wrist
Today some faux pearls and a gold bracelet, I think from Accessorize

More of a full body shot
I never tuck this shirt in, I've belted it once but thought I'd give tucking in a chance.
I like it :)

I haven't figured out a way to wear this shirt since I shrunk it...
I had a play about and paired it with this skirt and think it works really well
So it has become my Christmas day outfit to wear to my Daddy's and Gavin's parents in the eve

So excited for Christmas!!! 
Only 5 days now :D, I've got a Christmas meal tomorrow then spending Thursday and Friday with Mum as our own Christmas yay