Friday, 24 September 2010

America Haul

I've been back from my wondeful holiday for almost two weeks now and thought I'd post a few of the things I bought....
I haven't included pictures of everything as that would have taken far too long and I couldn't find a lot of it online and am too lazy to get everything out to take photos of, tut tut!
But this post is still extremely picture heavy.

These lip balms are amazing little balls of goodness! They taste so gooood :)

I've already hunted them down on ebay to get the two I didn't buy on holiday.

I had a bit of a blowout in walmart too, got some revlon nail varnishes for only $3 each! And some lipsticks, covergirl make up nothing too exciting really


I actually got this in more of a browny/taupe colour but it's lovely and snuggly

These P.J pants are awesome!!!!
And these are the best gym training trousers I have :)

I love Torrid's jeans, it is a plus size shop but I'm the smallest size so it makes a podge like me feel better :)
I bought these same jeans last year and love them so much I got another pair

And I got these for something a bit different

My best friend wouldn't let me leave without buying these, they fit so well
Abercrombie and Fitch:

Had a bit of a blowout in here...
Got this in dark blue too, and two vest tops which I haven't posted pictures of as their just boring!

This is actually Hollister but is pretty much the only thing I got in there so didn't seperate it...

I did actually get another two cardis and a jumper :/ oopsy!


I'm terrible with remembering the names of all the eyeshadows I got...
I think they're:
Expensive Pink
Satin Taupe (these four I know I defnitely got :) )
213 Brush
I'm really impressed with MAC as I knew I would be and intend to buy lots more!


Short Chestnut Uggs
I wear these to and from work, so comfy after being on my feet all day
I've just seen these on the internet for £200, I paid $180 :)

Just because I threw out my old, decrepid converse just before we went...

Other stuff I bought:
Fossil watch
Tommy Hilfiger Denim Jacket and cardigan
Lots of Forever 21 bits (will be in upcoming OOTD posts)
New panda teddy (to feed my panda obsession...)
Nike workout gear
Clinique stuff in duty free
Juicy Couture perfume
Marc Jacobs Dasiy perfume
Chanel Chance eau tendre
Three Guess handbags
Dresses from Pacsun and Charlotte Russe
Burts Bees goodies
And I think that's it
I intend to do frequent outfit posts once I get back to uni as I won't be wearing a horrible red polyester uniform all the time :)
Sorry for the super long post but it kept me busy at work
Belle x

Monday, 20 September 2010

Autumn Love

I am currently loving life right at the moment!
The weather just makes me so happy :)
I love it when it's so cold and crisp and I can wrap up all snuggly
I'm looking forward to walks with Gavin and hopefully a little puppy soon
I'm even looking forward to going back to uni next week, AND the early mornings!!
This is coming from someone who sleeps in 'till 11 even when she goes to sleep at 11 the night before, I looove sleep but love Autumn more.
Autumn fashion gets me excited too...

£24.99 H+M
Love this aviator jacket
So much so I ordered it :/
A lot cheaper than alternatives which is good for the student budget!

Shift Dress £45.00 Topshop
I love the simplicity of this dress and as soon as I get my student loan through I'm off to Oxford Street for a bit of a spend up!

£48.00 Aran Knit cardigan Topshop
I love how snuggly this cardi looks
Definitely buying this when I get to Oxford Street
Also need to hunt down a winter coat, I've got £40 of gift cards saved up for it
I'm thinking navy, I don't have a navy coat.... :)

Floral Dress £40.00 from £60.00 Warehouse
I saw this dress a couple of weeks before I went on holiday and adored it!
But for £60.00 I couldn't really justify another floral dress....
The best friend needed to buy a new top today so I had a snoop too and found that this dress had £20.00 off plus student discount and it was only £34.00
Naturally I had to have it :D

Floral Dress £14.99 H+M
Another floral dress I recently purchased....oops!
Completely different colour palette compared to my other floral dresses

I also treated myself to a new uni bag from Next. Couldn't find a picture on the website but it's a sheepskin satchel type bag and only £35.00

I might do a post on all the goodies I bought from America, not sure though might take a while!!

Belle xx

Friday, 17 September 2010

Models Own 50% off

When Models ownhad their 50% off sale I snapped up a few polishes as they seem to work well for me, nearly as good as my collection of O.P.I goodies!
I ordered this little lot a week before I went away I managed to get my order through with about an hour of struggling when the site went down, not as bad as everyone else though.
They still hadn't arrived when we left for our holiday so I assumed the back log of orders meant mnie was still waiting. When we got back though they still hadn't arrived but the money had been taken from my account. after emailing them the problem was sorted really quick and they sent me out a replacement order which arrived about 2 days later. I am extremely impressed with this customer service and won't hesitate to order with them again. Thank you models own :)
In the above photo I'm wearing Utopia
It went on really well after 2 coats, it was really streaky on the first coat but most nail polishes are. I struggle with my right hand but it's not too bad this time, the models own varnishes seem to be easier for me to use. I've only had it on one day so far so can't really comment on the chipping yet but so far it's worn well. I get bored easily so will probably change it by Sunday anyway.
You can't really see the names clearly in the picture...something went wrong as usual!
Top row: Champagne, Jade Stone, Peacock Green, Pure Purple
Bottom row: Purple Gray, Nude Beige, Blue Med, Purple Mystique, Pearly Queen, Utopia and Beth's Blue
I did have a bit of a splash out and ordered these 11 varnishes to later go back another 4 and an eye pencil in silver which is lovely to use too. But with a 50% off sale happening it would be ruse not to :P
Now I'm on the look out for some more Nars goodies and might give Illamasqua a whirl too. Any recommendations?
Hoping to do a post on the flat soon considering Gavin did some decorating whilst I was away. I don't want lots of boxes in the photos though hence why I am yet to post about it! I do have an awesome amount of space for my make up bits now which I love. As long as Gavin can't see them he's happy.
Belle xx

I'm back :)

Well I'm finally back from my holiday all though I'm already missing the weather and the relaxation.
It was a fantastic two weeks and have some amazing memories to treasure.
We spent far too much money but every penny seems worth it so it's not that big a deal really....
I'll post some photos when I have access to my ext. hard-drive.

This is the aftermath of the first day's shopping. Lots of shopping!!

I gave in and started a MAC 15 pan pallette, only bought six shadows though. I got the pallette, 6 pans and a brush for $100...not too bad I think

I got satin taupe, expensive pink, jest, mythology, folie and shroom. Thinking about it now I wish I'd got more brushes and shadows but I felt a bit rushed.
I'll admite I bought two pairs of UGG boots, but I lived in them last year and wanted some different styles. Their so comfy for the commute to uni when I really don't care how I look as long as I'm warm and comfy I'm happy :)
There's tonnes more I bought but I'll talk about those in another post as I can't get my pictures at the moment...I suck I know.
As well as shopping we did go to the theme parks. Universal studios and the Harry Potter land was my favourite but we did go to Seaworld and Disneyworld too.
We also spent a day in Miami before getting onboard the cruise ship for the week. It was over 100 degrees farenheit so we were melting!
The cruise was brilliant too, the ship was huge! The biggest on the seas at the moment, Oasis of the Seas. Kat and I got seriously sunburnt on the first day at sea which meant we were in a lot of pain for the rest of the holiday which sucked to be honest but we ploughed through the pain and kept out of the sun. Gavin made me go to the walk in centre at the hospital when I got back...

Harry Potter castle :D I'm such a nerd this made me so happy!

I'll post some reviews of the tonnes of make up I bought; Dior nude powder, Dior show mascara, Revlon nail varnishes (only $3!), MAC eyeshadows, Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick....lots of posting to do!

Belle xx