Monday, 20 September 2010

Autumn Love

I am currently loving life right at the moment!
The weather just makes me so happy :)
I love it when it's so cold and crisp and I can wrap up all snuggly
I'm looking forward to walks with Gavin and hopefully a little puppy soon
I'm even looking forward to going back to uni next week, AND the early mornings!!
This is coming from someone who sleeps in 'till 11 even when she goes to sleep at 11 the night before, I looove sleep but love Autumn more.
Autumn fashion gets me excited too...

£24.99 H+M
Love this aviator jacket
So much so I ordered it :/
A lot cheaper than alternatives which is good for the student budget!

Shift Dress £45.00 Topshop
I love the simplicity of this dress and as soon as I get my student loan through I'm off to Oxford Street for a bit of a spend up!

£48.00 Aran Knit cardigan Topshop
I love how snuggly this cardi looks
Definitely buying this when I get to Oxford Street
Also need to hunt down a winter coat, I've got £40 of gift cards saved up for it
I'm thinking navy, I don't have a navy coat.... :)

Floral Dress £40.00 from £60.00 Warehouse
I saw this dress a couple of weeks before I went on holiday and adored it!
But for £60.00 I couldn't really justify another floral dress....
The best friend needed to buy a new top today so I had a snoop too and found that this dress had £20.00 off plus student discount and it was only £34.00
Naturally I had to have it :D

Floral Dress £14.99 H+M
Another floral dress I recently purchased....oops!
Completely different colour palette compared to my other floral dresses

I also treated myself to a new uni bag from Next. Couldn't find a picture on the website but it's a sheepskin satchel type bag and only £35.00

I might do a post on all the goodies I bought from America, not sure though might take a while!!

Belle xx


  1. Lovely post! I am excited for you getting a puppy :)
    I love the warehouse dress, it is not normally a shop I would go in but they do some pretty things! x

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  3. I'm hoping I get one soon. Think we're settled in enough now to get one :)
    I never normally get anything in Warehouse, it's a bit too expensive for me! xx

  4. I adore that aviator jacket too:)

  5. That aran knit cardigan looks so cosy! Perfect for Autumn! And who doesn't love sleep! :)

    PS. I've changed the url of my blog from BoringDaze and was just informed that my posts are not showing on peoples newsfeeds! If you fancy re-following, you can here! Thanks! :)