Sunday, 26 June 2011

Cause you were born to be my baby

Today is my best friend's 21st Birthday so...
We've had a busy week together
Wednesday was spent opening presents, eating cupcakes, shopping, and going to the cinema
Friday we went out for dinner at Chiquitos and joined our guy mates for an evening of bowling
Saturday night we ventured up to Hyde Park for Hard Rock Calling to see the glorious Bon Jovi (my fav band) it was so so hot and we practically melted...god knows how we'll cope in Egypt! 
After Bon Jovi had finished we jumped on the train home and straight into Kat's car down to go down to Brighton. One of the guys also turned 21 today so they were all out drinking their wages away. We just joined them for a few hours on the beach with fish and chips :) was rather spontaneous of us but awesome! 
And then today (Sunday) I joined Kat and her family for a goooorgeous spanish meal in a local town, Reigate. It was so good! Once stuffed we wandered around the park for a bit in the lovely 27 degree heat...mmmm. Had a ride on the bumper cars, drank slushy drinks and chilled in the sun.
Such an amazing couple of days and I hope Kat had a great birthday :)
Love her to bits
Enough of the soppyness :P I promised a collective haul so here it is
This is from the last couple of months not bought in one go!!

 Hot and sweaty at Bon Jovi
Third time I've seen them and easily the best!
 Floaty, backless chiffon top, Warehouse, £25
I tried this on full price at £40 and loved it but couldn't justify that much money on one top so was rather happy to find it in the sale
 You can't really see it here but this is the back
I'll get a photo of it on when I wear it
 Flora Playsuit, Tesco, £16
I love this and can't wait to wear it on holiday 
 Black and white Maxi, Republic, £40
I saw this and was instantly drawn to it, I'm thinking its the beaded detailing on the neckline
I don't really own anything like it and it's very flattering on

Blue tunic, Next, £35 (I think)
So light and summery, perfect for the hot weather at the moment
Nude embellished waistcoat, Primark, £13
Love this, again something I don't anything similar
I tend to wear this with a plain black top and skinny jeans
Hibiscus print dress, Primark, £5
So summery! We haven't had the weather to wear this without leggings since I bought it and it looks strange with them so I may have to crack it out this week if the weather keeps up
Cropped denim jacket, Primark, £16
Kat bought this a couple of weeks ago in Lakeside and I loved how it looked on her
I have a Tommy Hilfiger denim jacket but it's not very fitted and kind of reminds me of something my Mum had in the 90's...impulse buy from America! 
I bought this just before we headed to Bon Jovi, good job I did for our trip to the beach after!
Cream lace top, Next, £22
Since I've been going out again I realised I didn't have much in the way of evening outfits
I had some old stuff but it's most definitely not my kind of style anymore so when I saw this I thought it could look nice with plain skirts and blazers etc.
Navy and white polka dot palazzo pants, Next, £35
These are the trousers from my previous post
Very comfy :) except I always trip myself up in the flowy legs!
Grey textured skirt, Next, £38
I wore this on a night out with the lace top above and it looked really nice
I felt good too, which doesn't happen very often!
Floral bandeau dress, Peacocks, £16
Love the turquoise and coral colours together
Should be nice for holiday
Just a few beauty bits I've picked up recently
Tangle Teezer,, Barry M shatter coats in pink and blue, Tweezers, OPI I Vant to Be a Lone Star, MAC lipstick Hibiscus, MAC surfbaby cheek powder My Paradise, China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise

Top: Gold flower in My Paradise
Middle: Coral section in My Paradise
Bottom: Hibiscus 
I finally got my hands on the Naked palette :D So happy!
OPI Skull and Glossbones, Rimmel Ultraviolet and Show Off, Impulse Tease with free Barry M lipgloss, Accessorize flower earrings £8
I love all of the nail varnishes. I was on the hunt for the perfect lilac colour and this is very close but not quite there, it's not quite as vivid as I want it. I'll find it one day! 
I won't bore you with swatches as it's on every blog going somewhere but this is my new love 
So pretty...
 Sorry their a bit dirty I wore them traipsing around London all day last week
Turquoise frilly sandals, Primark, £6
These are so comfy I'm tempted to get another pair in a different colour
Coral suede courts, New Look, £25
I'm loving coral colours at the moment
They scream summer to me
These started off really comfy but towards the end of the night my feet were sore
As with all heels though

Well there's my recent goodie collection
I'm loving all the summer clothes in store at the moment but don't have much money which sucks
Hopefully I'll have some more funds for duty free shopping in July


Friday, 24 June 2011

I close my eyes and the flashback starts...

I know it's been nearly a month (or more!) since I last posted but thigns are ridiculous at the moment..
I've had my graduate exhibition in London, Brick Lane so traveling to and from London for a week really took it out of me. God knows how I'll handle a full time job!
Whilst my Mum was on holiday I've been working every free day to help out at her business
My best friend has needed me a lot
Enough of my excuses...
There's been a lot of shopping recently and I promise I'll post a collective 'haul' from recently
If I can remember all my new's been a while!
I bought a gorgeous maxi dress from Republic on Wednesday, can't wait to wear it when I got to Egypt in July
And I found and bought the perfect dress for my 21st Birthday Party, won't be posting photos until after its debut of course :P
So over the past month what have I actually been doing?
Been to the cinema a few times...seen hangover 2- Awesomely funny! Pirates of the Caribean 4- Johnny Depp, enough said, X-men Last stand- I'm a film geek and loved this too, Bridesmaids- Best chick flick I've seen in a while, Green Lantern- Ryan Reynolds in next to nom, not too great a film though, Bad Teacher- Hot actors, strange storyline but vaguely entertaining..I'm more of a horror girl!
I can't wait for Transformers 3 to come out and of course the final installment of Harry Potter
Very excited...yes I am a big nerd
Other than the cinema as I said I've been shopping, mainly for the bestests 21st birthday presents
Gave them to her Wednesday and she loved every single one, 21 presents was a bigger feat than I expected!

A few photos from my exhibition up in London
Was an amazing experience but I'm pretty glad it's over
Very draining to travel up to London every day for 7 days
Don't know how commuters do it...
 21 Pink birthday cupcakes for Kat alongside her box of 21 pressies

A very happy best friend is just what I like to see
I made her a photo album full of photos of us together and quotes and song lyrics
She loved it :)
My outfit for the day of fun for Kat's birthday
Shopping, lunch and cinema to see Bridesmaids
We're off bowling tonight, both on a self imposed drinking ban (it's not going well!!)
White Vest: New look
Navy and white polka dot palazzo pants: Next
Teal Cardi: Forever 21
Black beaded necklace: Gift from my Grandad in Spain
A recent night out
Before we decided to stop drinking!
It was a messy one ;)

Hope everyone's Ok

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A-Z of me

I know I've been rpetty absent recently but I've been insanely busy
I thought with the end of uni would come tonnes of free time
Since I loast posted I've had an interview with a photographer, hopefully got the job! Booked a holiday to Egypt with my best friend, had a fish pedicure (post to come), been shopping lots, put together my best friends birthday rpesents which took forever! Been to a charity celebrity football match, watched many movies, had many drinks, organised myself for my upcoming exhibition and basically had a lot of fun
Of course I've been working lots in between all of this too...not so fun

Age: 20, 21 very soon can't wait it's going to be an amazing week :D

Bed Size: King, but I only get a slither thanks to a sprawled boy >:(

Chore you Hate: Cleaning the bathroom ICK
Dogs: Love them, still waiting on the Daschund but doting on my Mum's dog whilst I wait
Essential start of your day: Lovely cuppa made by the boy...delivered to my bed
Favourite Colour: Coral pink
Gold or Silver: I wear a lot of silver jewelry but love Rose Gold

Height: 5ft 10
Instruments I play: None.

Job Title: Graduate I guess...part time secretary
Kids: Scared of...
Live: Horley, near Gatwick
Mum's name: Sharon
Nickname: Loads..Belle, Abba, Abbanell, Annabanna, Belley, Captain, Bellerina, Hells Bells (my bowling name LOL!) Whiz, Billy
Pet Peeve: People who eat really loudly, yuck! Makes my skin crawl
Quote from a movie: 'Fifty years from now, when you're looking back at your life, don't you want to be able to say you had the guts to get in the car? ' - TransformersRight or left handed: Right handed.

Siblings: Only child
Time you wake up: For work 8am...days off around 10
Underwear: Normally cute lacy or long as their comfy and pretty I'm happy
Vegetables you dislike: Hmm not really any I dislike...raw onion..
What makes you run late: The boy being in the bathroom when I need to brush my teeth...every morning!
X-rays you've had done: Only on my teeth really
Yummy food you make: I make a mean carrott cake when I can be bothered
Zoo animal: I love the penguins and monkeys but if they had pandas in the zoos over here then that would be a no brainer, pandas all the way!