Friday, 24 June 2011

I close my eyes and the flashback starts...

I know it's been nearly a month (or more!) since I last posted but thigns are ridiculous at the moment..
I've had my graduate exhibition in London, Brick Lane so traveling to and from London for a week really took it out of me. God knows how I'll handle a full time job!
Whilst my Mum was on holiday I've been working every free day to help out at her business
My best friend has needed me a lot
Enough of my excuses...
There's been a lot of shopping recently and I promise I'll post a collective 'haul' from recently
If I can remember all my new's been a while!
I bought a gorgeous maxi dress from Republic on Wednesday, can't wait to wear it when I got to Egypt in July
And I found and bought the perfect dress for my 21st Birthday Party, won't be posting photos until after its debut of course :P
So over the past month what have I actually been doing?
Been to the cinema a few times...seen hangover 2- Awesomely funny! Pirates of the Caribean 4- Johnny Depp, enough said, X-men Last stand- I'm a film geek and loved this too, Bridesmaids- Best chick flick I've seen in a while, Green Lantern- Ryan Reynolds in next to nom, not too great a film though, Bad Teacher- Hot actors, strange storyline but vaguely entertaining..I'm more of a horror girl!
I can't wait for Transformers 3 to come out and of course the final installment of Harry Potter
Very excited...yes I am a big nerd
Other than the cinema as I said I've been shopping, mainly for the bestests 21st birthday presents
Gave them to her Wednesday and she loved every single one, 21 presents was a bigger feat than I expected!

A few photos from my exhibition up in London
Was an amazing experience but I'm pretty glad it's over
Very draining to travel up to London every day for 7 days
Don't know how commuters do it...
 21 Pink birthday cupcakes for Kat alongside her box of 21 pressies

A very happy best friend is just what I like to see
I made her a photo album full of photos of us together and quotes and song lyrics
She loved it :)
My outfit for the day of fun for Kat's birthday
Shopping, lunch and cinema to see Bridesmaids
We're off bowling tonight, both on a self imposed drinking ban (it's not going well!!)
White Vest: New look
Navy and white polka dot palazzo pants: Next
Teal Cardi: Forever 21
Black beaded necklace: Gift from my Grandad in Spain
A recent night out
Before we decided to stop drinking!
It was a messy one ;)

Hope everyone's Ok

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