Friday, 17 December 2010

"Jingle Bells"

This has been a pretty crazy week
Monday I was working with my Mum and finishing up all my essays
Tuesday I trekked it up to uni for all of 10 minutes but I needed to hand an essay in so it was necessary
I did however meet my Dad in Covent Garden, he's working on some windows in the London Film School. Had a cup of tea and wander with him and then spent two hours in Covent Garden myself.
Finally got me some MAC foundation and so far I LOVE it :) 
Wednesday had the rest of my deadlines
Rest of the week's just been full of working, gym, seeing Gavin and being cold (our boiler's broken :( )
I've over done it with the gym this week and my hips have been sooo bloody painful but I soldiered on

So happy their all finished.....

Finally managed to find a way to style this jumper that I like
Camel Jumper: Topshop
Black vest: New Look
Skinny Jeans: Torrid
Brown Brogues: New Look

I'm feeling pretty crap at the moment, I've put on a fair bit of weight and I have no idea why :(
I go to the gym at least 3/4 times a week (except when deadlines are looming) I eat averagely healthy, not perfect but it isn't terrible. I just don't know what to do anymore

On the plus side I'm loving this MAC make up
The MUA was extremely helpful with finding my correct shade and showed me how to apply without looking like a 'creepy dolly' (Gavin's words, not mine) 
Hopefully my skin will stop breaking out as I'll be using less product, fingers crossed!

Popped into Tesco yesterday and bought this jumper, I've had my eye on it for a while and it was reduced to £8, had to have it! 
I also bought a taupey colour, holey jumper. 
I went in there looking for some pretty dresses but nothing caught my eye, oh well!

I've been looking at a few things I'd like to by in the New Year and feel I need to do some MAJOR saving! 
Or win the lottery... either would be helpful.

I'm off to get in a Christmassy mood and cook dinner
Snuggly night in with Gavin is on the cards me thinks :)

Belle x


  1. Oh my friend studied abroad at Roehampton! How exciting!

  2. It's a lovely university :) x

  3. Your eyelashes look so long! a nice way of course :P

  4. It's Maxfactor False lash effect, love it! xx

  5. Thanks for the follow :) following back,

    Rosie x