Saturday, 11 December 2010

Our lovely little flat

I have finally gotten round to uploading the photos of our little flat...
In no particular order though :)

This is my area...Gavin moans I have too much space for everything 'girly' and 'smelly'
I love my set-up though, for now...I have dreams of gorgeous white wooden furniture and lots of flowers but until we can afford it this will do

My side of the bed with my box of shoes

I made this for Gavin for our first Christmas together
Needs updating as that was two years ago now!!

My new mirror :) Needs a clean though

Our lovely bedroom in all it's glory
You can see my slight obsession with pandas

And Gavin's slight obsession with being british and all things union jackified....
This would be the hallway

Our horrid bathroom, I really don't like it but it's the next thing to be re-done...helps having a kitchen/bathroom fitter as a boyfriend!

My little kitchen :)
Again I don't really like the layout or the cupboards but we are waiting for cabinets to turn up at work. Everything else is wonderful though

The fishy's corner in the living room....this is really just the 'dump-it and go' corner.
Bit of a mess to be honest

The totally pointless little window in the lounge, good to use as a shelf

First room we redecorated properly was the lounge
I think Gavin did a good job :)

All my book and DVD shelves
Plus the uni corner...yuk

The new sofa, love it! So bloody comfy!

Well that's the flat, simple but homely

Belle x

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