Tuesday, 21 December 2010

21st birthday wish list

Now my 21st Birthday isn't until next August but I've been drooling over these for a while 

Jo Malone cologne 
Honey and Nectarine Blossom
I've been lusting after some Jo Malone goodies for a while, I'm tempted to buy this myself though and maybe choose another fragrance for a gift....not sure!

Louis Vuitton
Leopard Print Scarf
I love love love scarves! And this would be the perfect addition to my collection

Louis Vuitton
Speedy 30
This may have to wait until next year's holiday to NY, it's a bit cheaper I think

Michael Kors
Rose Gold Chronograph watch
Watches are something I continuously lust after
I'm turning into my Dad! He collects expensive watches
At the moment I wear my silver Guess watch everyday and sometimes it doesn't match my gold jewellery so it's necessary :)

Black Alexa
Self explanatory...

 Tiffany Rose Gold Key
As you can see I really like rose gold 
My Mum said she would buy me a Tiffany key for my 21st and this is the one I prefer :)
It's cheaper than the silver key she was eying up too so that's a plus!

Toy Watch
Another watch! Told you I love them
This is completely different to anything I already own

Well that's just a few more expensive things I'm loving right now
I wish I could just go buy them all! Eurgh having no money sucks :/

Off for some lunch and finish off the besties Christmas present


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  1. you should try Jo Malone lime basil and mandarin, its amazing:) xx