Monday, 27 December 2010

Pressies :)

As I love seeing other people's posts on the Christmas gifts they received I thought I'd post one myself so here goes!

Lots of goodies including: Amazon Kindle, exercise ball, some dvds and cds, cake stand, two sets of panda salt and pepper pots (I broke my other ones :( ), loads of snow fairy goodies, vaseline gift set, clinique moisturiser, victoria beckham perfume, diesel perfume, lots more lush goodies (I'll do a follow up post with my thoughts on all the products), pants, socks, make up, lots of rings, ped-egg, hair curlers, light up mirror, a teddy bear you heat up for my sore joints, a Nao statue and lots of little bits and pieces...

Close up of some of the lush stuff and the rings

Cath Kidston Satchel bag
Love love love this :)
My Mum really spoilt me this year
She also got tickets for us to see Bon Jovi in Hyde park next summer, so excited!!!!

More books and dvds, keep me occupied! Some more lush goodies, I got two of the christmas gift sets and some extras, coffee syrup set, I love caramel lattes from Costa :P nom  nom nom!! Set of Cath Kidston Cups, winter woolies :)
There's a few other bits and bobs which I already put away and looooots of chocolate but that would be boring!

Woodland animals weekend bag from my auntie and uncle :)
This is huge! Much bigger than I expected but I love big bags
I'll be using this everytime I stay at my mums and when I have tonnes of books to take to and from uni :) 

Panda bag form Forever 21
Somehow mum and Kat managed to sneak this past me on holiday....

Lots of clothes
Everything is from New Look except the far left dress which featured on a previous post from topshop

I have been well and truly spoilt and I appreciate every gift I received 
Hope everyone had a great day too



  1. :O You received a lot! The Cath Kidston Satchel Bag looks gorgeous :) x

  2. wow you got so much lush stuff, lucky girl! love the cath kitson satchel xx

  3. You got allot of stuff, really like the clothing and the bags. xx

  4. You got some really lovely things! x

  5. Thanks guys :) Can't wait to try all the lush stuff. xx

  6. Very lucky- so many lovely presents! I love those teddies that you heat up- I always feel like an old lady when I use them but they're so good!x