Monday, 27 December 2010

Now that it's all over....

Well after the months of anticipation (on my part :P) Christmas is all over 
I had a fantastic few days spent with mine and Gavin's families
Got lots of lovely presents and enjoyed some gorgeous food....
Here's a few photos of the festivities :)

I got bored on the 23rd and cut my fringe....hopefully it suits me but who cares if it doesn't!

Mum, Honey and I on our version of Christmas Eve (23rd Dec.)
Mum cooked my favourite Shepherds Pie, and we watched Predators and Eclipse before going off to read in bed...perfect 

The Christmas Tree before Santa visited
Unfortunately Mum's got the photo of it after 

Honey and I being awesome 

My Christmas Eve outfit
White Tunic: Jack Wills, this has some lovely embroidery on it 
Brown Cardigan: American Eagle Outfitters
Necklace: Ebay
Worn with black New Look leggings and burgundy, thick, knee high socks from Topshop
Finished off with my brown boots from Journeys

This photo sort of shows the new Accessorize blushes and the Maxfactor lip tint pen
Both lovely products :)

My main present from Mummy, the Amazon Kindle

Honey attacking her pile of presents

Christmas day at my Dad's
Me with his Staff Alfie
I decided not to wear the pink blouse with this skirt, instead I opted for my favourite Topshop jumper

My dad's wife, Helen, and I with presents 

New panda hat from Winter Wonderland market in London
Love it :) 

Gavin and I on Boxing Day
Unfortunately I woke up feeling like death on Christmas day and still feel pretty crap now so as you can see in this picture I'm looking quite ill :(

I've had a lovely couple of days and hope everyone else had a fantastic Christmas 


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