Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Something a little different....

Being stuck in alone because of the snow I had a chance to rummage about in my wardrobe
I managed to finally get some outfits together I like, I'm really struggling with the cold weather, just chucking on jeans, hoodies/jumpers and uggs and off I go
I also finally decided on my Christmas day outfit :)
So here's the result of todays outfit to pop shopping (quick trip to primark and superdrug as I'm so so poor!!) and then to the gym. Have to get the gym as the bf won't let me drive after the other weeks fiasco, panic attack issues....
I'm determined to get to the gym though as I'm getting extremely down and miserable about the weight I've put on, I've worked so hard to lose 2 and a half stone and now I'm half a stone off being my original weight! OMFG!!! What happened!?!? I am now determined to be strict and get on with losing weight. New York in November next year is my goal to lose at least those two stone again. Any tips to not eat the crap my bf insists on eating in front of me and putting in the trolley on a weekly basis? I have told him how I feel and he just doesn't understand how I can't resist chocolate and things that are bad for me when they're right in front of me...
Wow long bit of writing there...sorry!! I'll stop rambling now :)

Todays outfit
Shirt: New Look
Jeans: Torrid
Belt: American Eagle Outfitters
Watch: Guess (18th Birthday present, eying up a Michael Kors for my 21st next year!)
I intend to wear my brown brogues when I venture out too 

As I'm going straight to the gym I couldn't be bothered to straighten my hair or put on make up.
But to be far I think my hair looks alright, it has a bit of volume :O, well that never happens!

I never show my jewellery 
Normally I'm wearing my Tiffany bracelet and Troll beads charm bracelet on this wrist
Today some faux pearls and a gold bracelet, I think from Accessorize

More of a full body shot
I never tuck this shirt in, I've belted it once but thought I'd give tucking in a chance.
I like it :)

I haven't figured out a way to wear this shirt since I shrunk it...
I had a play about and paired it with this skirt and think it works really well
So it has become my Christmas day outfit to wear to my Daddy's and Gavin's parents in the eve

So excited for Christmas!!! 
Only 5 days now :D, I've got a Christmas meal tomorrow then spending Thursday and Friday with Mum as our own Christmas yay



  1. Overall, trollbead shave that funky and young look to them, lovelinks have the chic and stylish feel and Thomas sobo has the real charm bracelet feel of dangly charms. They all have their unique features and try to deliver their differences through the charms, styles and quality.

  2. I agree with you there. It's lovely that friends and family can buy you new charms which remind you of specific memories etc :) xx