Sunday, 10 October 2010

A lonely road crossed another cold state line

Well I haven't posted in ages....this is due to a number of reasons but I do have a few posts coming up :) photos of the flat, America make up reviews, Nail varnish reviews, Photography and photographers..blah blah blah
Anywho I have just gone back to uni into my third year and am seriously scared about this year.
I'm already struggling to keep up the reading I've been making myself do in order to get a first. In the first week In dragged a bag of 12 books home with me to plough through.
It's also proving hard to balance working, uni, a relationship and a social life. I just don't know what to do and to be honest it's really getting me down right now.
The cinema keep giving me shifts ending at either 10pm or 12am so I don't really get to see Gavin which really sucks :(
And I'm trying to see my friends and family too!! Ahh far too much to fit in. Plus the gym which seems to be suffering
So I've been doing a bit of retail therapy to cheer myself up, and watching tonnes of Gossip Girl!!


Aviator Jacket £24.99 H and M

Floral Dress £14.99 (I think) H and M

Paisley Print dress £21.50 reduced from £50 Warehouse
I'm loving Warehouse's dresses right now, this one is so flattering on :)

Camel and black lace jumper £35 Topshop

Black Dress/tunic £35 (I think..!) Miss Selfridge

Blue Dress with shoulder detail £11 Primark

Black one shoulder dress £35 Miss Selfridge

Brown ankle boots £15 Primark

MAC Lipstick, VivaGlam and Please Me
My first MAC lipsticks and I love them both! Definitely eying up more

Nars Blush in Orgasm, I think I may have mentioned this before but it just makes me smile every time I put my make up on so I've put it in again :)

MaxFactor Colour Adapt, I used to use this all the time years ago and then started relying on all Benefit make-up...I thought I'd give it ago again as Maxfactor had a 3 for 2 offer and I wanted to buy some more make popped this in my basket along with the false lash effect mascara and a light pink lipfinity kit.
As this w sin Boots I got one of the £5 No7 voucher so got myself the concealer brush for £2.50, I'm yet to use this though
And the MAC pressed powder, I'm interested in trying some of their foundation but need to find the time to go to a store and find out my skin shade first

My MAC Pallette
First Vertical row (I now know all the names!):
Second Vertical row:
Expensive Pink
Satin taupe
Third Vertical row:

So far my favourites are satin taupe, mythology and woodwinked

Snow Fairy and Mandarin Tea Soap
As soon as I saw Lush had their Christmas limited edition stock in I bought the biggest bottle they do of Snow Fairy and I can't wait to use it (got it on my break from work today) and I got the soap as a sample, again can't wait to use it. They both smell fantastic! Need to go back and stock up on Christmas Limited Edition goodies

Cupcake earrings £3.50 Accessorize

Another thing making me rather happy at the moment is the fact our flat is nearly straight, well there's still boxes in a few corners but we're nearly there. I love how I have all my beauty bits in one area now, except the goodies in the bathroom. I know I still need to do a mini tour so to speak for my blog :) We ordered our sofa the other day, so saving lots for that, alongside my personal trainer fund and the new car fund lol! I'd love those to be the 'Mulberry Bayswater' fund and the 'Louboutin Fund' but not yet I'm afraid :(

This is my top drawer in the clothes dresser full of make up and hair tools. It's all organised all though it looks a complete state :)

And these are the shelves above the dresser which Gavin attached to the wardrobe. The bottom one has all my eye pallettes, make-up brushes, everyday basic make-up bag and special jewelry in the Tiffany box. The second shelf is both Gavin and mine 'smellies' well perfume and aftershave. And the third shelf is a basket of bits and pieces from Clinique and Bodyshop, my bag of nail varnishes and all my hairbands.

Some OOTD's

New H and M dress :)
Primark Cardi
worn with burgundy knee high socks from topshop
Chestnut UGG boots

This is the outfit for Gavin's birthday
Primark dress
Topshop Necklace
Forever 21 Headband

This post cheered me up
And now to occupy Gavin with some food
I just made a disastrous attempt at baking a cake (unlike me, I didn't have all the ingredients and substituted) but made a yummy banana loaf :)
Off to get some dinner

Belle xx


  1. WOW! you got such amazing stuff... i so need to go the LUSH!!!

  2. I hadn't been in ages, still trying to get through my other stuff!