Monday, 10 June 2013

Fashionista Custom Blusher Palette



Custom Blusher Palette
£5.00 for Palette
£4.00 (or 4 for £10.00) for blusher pans
Fashionista at Superdrug 
Colours in palette: (clockwise from top left) Amber Glow, Milan, New York, London

I'd been contemplating getting a Fashionista blusher palette for a while now but for some reason never got round to it...but I bit the bullet and am so glad I did!
Such a bargain for £15.00 you get a compact palette and four different blushers of your choice.
What I love the most about this idea is you can take something only marginally larger than a bulky blusher with you on holiday and you've got four completely different blushers with you to enable you to achieve any look you fancy..brilliant!
It's the same idea as the MAC blusher palettes but immensely cheaper.
The choice of blushers for the palette is fairly extensive with thirteen different colours to choose from with a variety of finishes and also bronzers 
I chose three of the merged, baked blushers in Milan, New York and Milan
And also a mono blusher (which I assume just means a normal blusher) in Amber Glow
All the colours are really pigmented as you can see in the swatches
Out of the four colours I chose I don't think there are any duds, which is pretty good going considering I ordered them blind online!
My favourite has to be Milan, the only non coral toned blusher out of the bunch
It's a gorgeous, warm pink with shimmer running through it
The shimmer doesn't translate too obviously to the cheek which is fab as too much can look like a glitter overload which isn't good when your 22 and work in an office, not 7 at a school disco
The other three colours are all stunning as well and are all different, even if they are all from the same coral coloured family
I will definitely get so much use from this little palette 
it's so easy to just have everything in one place

Very tempting to get another and fill it with another four beauties


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  1. eep these are gorgeous! I really want a palette of my own :) great swatches x