Friday, 21 June 2013

Look Holiday Glow in Ibiza


Holiday Glow Bronzer
Look at Superdrug

Since I've been enjoying using my Hoola Bronzer I thought I'd dabble a bit further into the world of tannedness
When Look magazine first released their makeup line I wasn't hugely impressed
It all seemed like everything else on the high street
But recently I've been more attracted to the range, after trying the blusher I thought I'd give their bronzers a go. 
And so far I'm impressed

ibiza swatch

It's got more shimmer in than Hoola so if you were to use it as an all over colour you could end up reminiscent of a disco ball but the shimmer is subtle and pretty
It makes a lovely contour shade for my skin tone, not that I'm any good at that!
It's also such a stunning colour you could use it as an eyeshadow
This is great to take on holiday to use for a multi-purpose product

Have you tried anything from Look's makeup range?


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