Sunday, 30 June 2013

Bath and Bodyworks Haul


hand san

Why don't we have Bath and Bodyworks in the UK?! 
This is madness!
I dragged my poor Mum around New York to try and find this store
She was not impressed but once she had a smell of some of the goodies inside she was happy enough
Al though wouldn't let me drag her back there again after I decided I needed more!
I really wanted to pick up some of the infamous candles but knew they would weigh too much in the suitcase, I'm now kicking myself so much as we bought another suitcase and had the room and weight for me to get some..sad times for a candle fiend like me
In the UK I had made myself a little list which only consisted of hand sanitizers and one of each a moisturiser and shower gel and body mist...I got carried away
Everything smells so good and the offers are always amazing!
I think some of the offers I was drawn in by was 6 large products for $30, 3 Minis for $10 and 5 hand gels for $5
I've fallen in love big time for the Cashmere Glow scent and have already asked a friend to pick me some more up when she goes to LA in August (hope she remembers!) 
I'm glad my Mum and I are planning to go to Florida late this year/early next year as I definitely want to pick up some candles and the home scents

Have you tried anything from B&BW?
Do you know somewhere to order from for the UK that's not overly priced?



  1. I know! we need a shop in the UK! great haul though! x

    1. Or they could at least ship to the UK hmph! :) x

  2. I am in love with Bath and Body! They really have amazing deals and it's pretty much year round. That sucks they don't have it there in the UK. Be sure to try the candles when you can. You won't regret, i promise! :D


    1. I'll definitely track down the candles :) x