Thursday, 7 February 2013

Grease Lightening Review

Lush Grease Lightening

Grease Lightening £5.95/45g

A couple of weeks ago I had a major breakout, only a week before I was due to be bridesmaid for my boyfriends sister...stress!
Turns out I was super stressed about numerous things and these are more in check now.
I picked this up from Lush along with the Cosmetic Warrior fresh face mask, Benefit's boo boo zap and Benefit Boi-ing (I needed something to cover up the 'boo boos')
I used this straight away on all my problem areas and noticed how much it calmed down my redness and took away the inflamed areas. 
The problem bits were really painful so I couldn't wait to get rid of the gits!
After a few days my skin started to show signs of repair and getting back to normal.
I was still suffering come the wedding but no where near as bad as before.
Since then whenever I feel a little blemish coming up I pop a bit of this on after I've cleansed and toned just before bed and let it work its magic.
I definitely recommend this product, other than it dries the skin a little with excessive use (which can be rectified with a good moisturiser of course) it is really effective.

Anyone else suffer from random breakouts out of the blue?
What do you use to help?


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