Saturday, 5 January 2013

Benefit Away We Glow Holiday Set


Away We Glow Set
Benefit (Exclusive to Boots)
£29.50, but now in the sale if you can track one down

I think I'm a bit late in posting this as it went into the Christmas sales and is pretty much sold out everywhere but if you can still find it in your local boots or on ebay I definitely recommend picking it up
Especially if it's at the cheaper sale price!
As you can see from my blog I have a bit of a thing for Benefit make up
It was the first premium make up brand I dabbled in for my leavers ball at school and I still stay quite loyal to using their products
Of course I dabble else where too!
My Mum bought me this for Christmas, I think in the hope I only take this with me when we go on holiday rather than a huge make up bag as usual...that won't happen.


Surprisingly the packaging isn't too bulky for what it has in it
Normally for sets like this the packaging is really too much for the products it holds and it seems such a waste
So if I did take it on holiday with me I wouldn't feel I had to de-box it to save space in my suitcase
And the packaging is too cute as always


The eyeshadows are perfect for the normal everyday eye look
The best mix of neutrals for fresh make up
Their more warm toned than other neutrals in my collection 
Considering I seem to buy a lot of neutral eyeshadows its quite refreshing not having something similar in my collection 
I think I prefer these to my Naked Palettes as the colours are much more wearable for me
Al though I don't think there is anything really to create an evening look only day time looks


As with most of the Benefit kits Coralista is the blusher included
It's one of their best selling items and I can see why
Having already got it in full size and nearly hit pan on it you can tell I quite like it
It's a stunning coral colour with a slight hint of shimmer 
I also got another Benefit kit for Christmas with Coralista in it 
The lipgloss in the set has been likened to Nars Turkish Delight gloss and I love the colour
Quite a pale, girly pink but very wearable and perfect for daytime
The best thing about these little kits is being able to try out the mini versions of more expensive products, like the Sunbeam and Highbeam, these are around £22ish in full size so it's good to be able to try them before splashing out
The mini size is a generous trial product, which you'd expect when paying for it in a kit rather than as a freebie from a magazine.

Overall I love this kit and definitely think it's worth picking up if you see it


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