Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Sleek i-Divine Palette in 'Sparkle 2'

sleek sparkle

i-divine Eyeshadow Palette
Sparkle 2

Sleek are always bringing out new eyeshadow palettes with gorgeous colours in
The formulation is spot on and the colours on trend
The price is pretty good too considering you get twelve eyeshadows 
Al though they used to be a little cheaper, it nearly feels like each new release is marked up a little higher
I doubt I'd pay over a tenner only as I remember when the palettes only cost £6

This newest addition has an array of sparkly, shimmery shadows
I picked it up just before Christmas so it was the perfect festive offering when a glitter overdose is encouraged
Being that all the shadows are glitter and shimmers there is a definite lack of matte shades but for me that's absolutely fine as I don't really use matte eyeshadows much
The glitter is quite prominent in the pan but once blended slightly into the lid it's much more subtle and wearable
Of course if you pack it on the glitter packs a punch

sparkle row 1

I like the fact that there are still some neutral colours included (being favourites)
But they have a lovely shimmer, almost duo chrome effect in some cases, and are great everyday shades.
Chocolate Penny is a lovely warm gold and looks lovely paired with Truffle
I've also been loving Illusion and Mulled Wine as something a bit different to my normal look and have been incorporating them into my work eye look

sparkle row 2

The shadows in the bottom row are a bit cooler in tone 
Especially Tinsel being a cold silver, this looks great as a liner
Starry Night is great for a smokey eye with a hint of glitter
A matte black is included in every Sleek palette and this one with a hint of sparkle gorgeous
As with all Sleek palettes the shadows are all pigmented well and are super smooth
For some reason I like that the eyeshadows don't have the usual criss cross imprint on them, I like the way they're smooth.

Would you wear a glittery eye for everyday?


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