Thursday, 31 January 2013

Look Makeup 'Haul'




Make Me Blush Blusher in Rosy £8.00
Make Me Blush Blusher in Flush £8.00
Holiday Glow Bronzer in Hollywood £8.00
Cream Blusher in Melon £5.00
Look at Superdrug

On a recent perusal of the Superdrug website I noticed that the majority of the Look make up collection was reduced by up to 50%, seeing that I love both the products I've already tried I took advantage of the offer and got all of the above, plus a mascara and nail polish for a bargain
The offer's still on but I don't think it's 50% any more, still a good discount to be had though
I'm tempted to pick up a few other bits now paydays here!
I like the simple packaging of the larger products but not so much the big text on the front, I like things clean looking and simple
The cream blusher is in quite a cheap plasticy housing but I do like the fact you can see the colour inside
All of the bronzers and blushers in the Look range are in the same packaging so it's hard to tell what your picking up without opening it.
As you can see from the swatches they are all really well pigmented and lovely colours too
Rosy is a subtle pink, something I don't actually have in my collection as it's not coral! 
It's a really pretty colour and is perfect for an everyday, rosy cheeked look
Flush is, surprise surprise, a's similar to the Nars Orgasm in colour but doesn't have the chunky glitter in it which I think is a bonus
Hollywood is a really nice warm bronzer, I prefer warm colours on my skin tone
This requires quite a light hand to avoid looking like mud but I think it would make a stunning eyeshadow colour
I'm really enjoying cream blushers at the moment and Melon is a gorgeous colour, similar to Topshop flush but different enough to not be a dupe
It's a lovely pink colour, again nice and warm and looks great lightly buffed into the cheeks

Very impressed with my little Look haul and I'm now off to eye up some more purchases!

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