Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Diego Dalla Palma 'Snow White' Palette


Diego Dalla Palma
Snow White & The Huntsman Eyeshadow Palette
Fragrance Direct

I LOVE anything to do with fairytales, it's always been an interest of mine and I even based my university final project around them
Al though I do draw the line with wearing princess themed clothes, I'm 22 a little old for that now lol! However I do like disney couture jewellery 
When I saw this gracing many beauty blogs a long time I go I was drawn in by the fact it was based around the new Snow White film (which was awesome) but not that it was £25 for a palette only housing 6 eyeshadows, I thought it was a bit much for what it was.
But on a recent browse over on Fragrance Direct I noticed that it was reduced to only £10, I couldn't resist!
As the palette comes under the Urban Decay heading on the website I'm guessing Diego Dalla Palma might be a sister company to UD? Maybe anyway... 
But that would explain the quality of the shadows, their smooth and extremely pigmented with little fallout.
There are three matte shades and three shimmer shades
And for a change I quite like the matte shades!
Probably because they're neutrals... 


As you can see from the above swatches all the colours are decently pigmented but as usual with eyeshadows the shimmers are the most pigmented and striking
Even the matte shades are pretty decent, I really like the brown Battleground
I love the way the shades are all named after something to do with the film
In the palette there is also a red lipstick and black eyeliner so you can achieve the perfect look 
I'm quite tempted to depot these shadows though as the packaging is so bulky and I'm trying to minimise my makeup as much as possible. 
I can't quite bring myself to rip apart my UD Alice in Wonderland palette though..


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  1. This palette has some very cool shades indeed. I need to pay fragrance direct a visit :)

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