Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Nail Polish Storage

(Sorry about the poor photo quality the lighting's terrible in the flat!)

A little while ago I was moaning to my lovely fiance that I didn't have any storage for my nail polish collection, they were just chucked in a bag which I had to rummage in to find anything I fancied, I couldn't see all my polishes to decide what I wanted to wear and this resulted in always wearing the same polishes and neglecting the rest of my collection.
He took pity on me and built this little shelving unit (I say little it's about a metre sqaure!)
I love it!
I can now see all my bottles of joy lined up in brand order
And I now use all of my neglected polishes on a regular basis too
Unfortunately the way I had them stored before had led to leaks and smashes so a few of my bottles are covered in nail varnish, and it takes forever to get off the bottles
I use the shelves to store my hand and foot creams too...I have quite a few s&g heel genius lined up on the bottom! It always seems to be included in their gift sets and I never get through them...

How do you store your nail polish collection?



  1. Wow good job! This looks fantastic! I wish I had something like this :)

  2. Wow what a collection xxx