Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Enrapture Jumbo Waver Hair Styler


enrapture waves

enrapture wavy hair

Enrapture Jumbo Waver

I've seen the Enrapture range popping up on various blogs for so long now
My hair is naturally in between wavy and straight and looks pretty naff when left to it's own devices so I normally straighten it as the easy option
In the past I've used numerous different curling tongs but they always take up to 45mins to achieve a curly bonce, burn my hands/head/body, make me look like a poodle or the curls just don't last
So yeah I've never had much luck in achieving the curly hair of my dreams
Nowadays I don't so much covet curly hair but more the beachy, natural waves
I'd tried achieving this with my GHD's  but it just doesn't work and I end up straightening the half arsed waves 
The jumbo waver looked like the perfect option but for £60 it's a little steep for something that may not work for me
But my Mum has about £80 of boots advantage points which I persuaded her to let me use to purchase it
The day before I was going to pop down to my local Boots to get my hands on my new toy I was in Tesco looking for the L'Oreal top coat and I saw the electrical beauty all half price and nestled in the shelves was the whole enrapture range
The Jumbo Waver and Totem Styler are both just £30.00 at the moment and the Heated Rollers are £39.50 considering they are still full price for £60/£80 in Boots I consider that to be a bargain! 
And I love what they do to my hair
The waves are natural and last all day
It's easy to use but kind of hard to get used to as it is rather large so if your clumsy like me it's a little cumbersome to start with
The first time I styled my hair it took about 30mins and today only took me 25mins so I'm getting quicker whilst getting used to it
I whole heartedly recommend picking up some of these if your after the perfect, natural looking wavy hair

Have you used any of the Enrapture range?


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