Thursday, 21 March 2013

Rimmel Apocalips 'Luna' and 'Apocalipta'


apocalips swatches

luna lip swatch


apocalipta lip swatch

Apocalipta (Excuse the awkward face!)

Apocalips Lip Lacquer

I'm sure you've all seen the new Apocalips all over the blogging world
I gave in to the hype and have to say I really like them
I bought the bright pink Apocalipta first and found it really flattering on my skin tone
Very bright and in your face so I keep it for nights out, not quite embracing the bright lips for daytime yet
My only problem with Apocalipta is the way it fades, it leaves a very prominent line around the lips and doesn't look very flattering. Al though it lasts a good two hours before this happens
You also need to apply in a mirror to avoid looking like a clown!
However Luna is on the complete opposite end of the colour scale
An orange toned nude which gives just enough colour to the lips to stand out but not as in your face as Apocalipta so a good wearable everyday shade
As you can see from the above pictures it gives a polished look and makes my face look more pulled together
I like the formulation of the products, like a liquid lipstick similar to the Collection 2000 Lip Cremes but glossy
The packaging is also lovely, for a drug store make up brand I think it looks quite high end and I like the angled black lid.

Overall I really like the Apocalips and will definitely be looking at picking up a few other colours

Any recommendations?


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  1. Luna is not the sort of colour I would normally go for but it looks great on you xxx