Saturday, 16 March 2013

Dainty Doll Fragrance Direct Haul

Dainty Doll Haul

I'm guessing that Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts make up brand has gone into liquidation (or whatever the term is..) as the whole range has been popping up on various discount sites and in the clearance section on ASOS.
The range was created with those of fair skin in mind, so perfect for me and my ghostliness.
As you've probably guessed from my previous posts I am a sucker for cheek products, in specific blushers.
Both the cream blushers and powder blushers were reduced to £1.99 from £13.50 so it would have been rude not to purchase at such a bargain! 
Just checking Fragrance Direct and the majority of the products are still in stock.
I think working it out I spent just £20 (inc. P&P) on over £100 worth of make up!

Dainty Doll Blushers

dainty doll close up

Being the packaging fiend that I am I really like the sleekness of the Dainty Doll products
The simple black and gold compacts appeal to my needs
They are also really sturdy and fasten securely so would be no problem chucked into a make up bag on the go 

dainty doll products

dainty doll swatches

Top row are the cream blushers and the bottom row are powder
One thing I will say is that the swatches on the website are shocking as always with Fragrance Direct
I never go by what the colours show they are in the majority completely wrong
When I received my parcel I don't think there were any colours I was disappointed with
The cream blushers are a gorgeous consistency and blend into the skin effortlessly
Million  Dollar Babes looks to be the perfect pale girls contouring shade, but I haven't mastered contouring yet this could be the product that helps me.
All the blushers are really well pigmented, even the palest Hippy Shake which would probably be more of a matte highlight shade as it is so pale
You are my Sunshine is a gorgeous coral colour, a dupe for Sleek's Rose Gold and Nars Orgasm blushers
The name and colour of this blusher are most definitely my favourites out of the bunch
My Nanny used to sing 'You are my Sunshin' to me every night when I was with her so naturally I'm drawn to it..


concealer swatch

I also picked up two of the concealer pens again reduced down to £1.99
The green coloured is meant to counteract redness and as I have very blotchy and red skin I thought this could work and so far I've seen quite a difference in the tone of my skin when used under foundation
The formulation is very creamy and blendable, it sinks into the skin well and brightens the skin

I would definitely recommend picking up some Dainty Doll products whilst they are still around, especially at the reduced prices



  1. I loveee the powder blushes! I have two and they are amazing!

    1. I've been loving using them, definitely my favourites at the moment :) xx

  2. O no you just made me spend money! I've always wanted to try this range but never have due to the price. its a shame if it has gone into liquidation, they look like good products xxx

    1. ;) so worth it though you'll love them! I was the same, the price put me off for something created by a singer but the products are actually really nice :) xxx

  3. Terrible that these products will be discontinued soon. From your post these blushes look really lovely. Very informative post and great pictures. I love your blog it introduces me to so many new products, hehe :)