Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Word on the street you got something to show me...

Hello Ladies
I've been a bit naughty in my 'down in the dumps' state
A small Lush order made it's way to me late last week
Soon to be joined by an ELF and MAC party
I'm really quite excited to try all my new goodies
And will be sure to pop reviews up as soon as I get a chance
Hopefully things will get better as my bank balance can't handle the spending!

 The Ex-Factor
I haven't had a chance to use this yet as I don't have a bath at home
Trip to Mum's is on the cards
It looks so cute though, I love gingerbread men

Magic Mushroom
Again I need a bath for this one
Smells gorgeous and hope it makes my feel nice and soft

 It's Raining Men
£14.25 for a large bottle
I love the Honey I washed The Kids soap, the smell is divine!
So obviously I couldn't resist this beaut
It feels lovely and moisturising but I haven't used it in the shower yet as I'm ploughing my way through my stash of Snow Fairy at the gym and have reserved this and Glogg for my home showers
Not to sound dirty but I haven't showered at home for nearly a's good though it means I've been to the gym everyday :)
American Cream Hair Conditioner
£12.99 for 500g
I've been using the Aussie 3minute miracle conditioner for a while and fancied a change
When I do get to shower at home I like to use an intense conditioner and hope to indulge in this and maybe a bit of the Aussie if my hair is particularly rubbishy

I do intend to do proper reviews of all of these as and when I use them
A brief selection preview of what's to come from the postman:
Mac Well Dressed Blush
Mac Nymphette Lipglass
Elf Cream Eyeliner
Elf Blusher and Bronzer duo

I'm also considering getting these drawers and matching boxes to make a start in organising my make up collection which is ever expanding. If I order today it could be my weekend's mission to organise it all...

Take Care lovelies


  1. Just stumbled across your blog... :) Ex-factor is so sweet..almost too cute let him dissolve!

    Definitely get the drawers! I did a 'New Year' reorganisation of my make up a few weeks ago...its seriously therapeutic!

  2. Aww I'm very interested in Magic Mushroom, it looks so cute!

  3. The bf said I couldn't buy the drawers but I have something up my sleeve...still a weekend project and I can't week to get into it :) I did a teeny bit of sorting yesterday which felt good :) xxx