Sunday, 30 January 2011

Outfits and purchases....

I haven't posted an outfit for a while now so I made the effort to actually take some shots
I've not had the motivation to make much of an effort with my clothes for a while but have started again
So expect more shots of my ensembles soon!

 This was just a comfy outfit for work the other day
I look like a scruff bag but no one really sees me
Blue top: Topshop
Nude wavy tunic: Topshop
Teal Cardi: Forever 21
Black Jeans: Torrid
I wore this with my Uggs for ultimate comfiness

I have recently come to the conclusion that since leaving the cinema and working with Mum my weight has creeped back up again
This is most probably due to the fact I sit on my arse all day in front of a computer eating biscuits and drinking tea
I need to remedy this ASAP!
I've almost put the 2 stone I worked so hard to lose back on, seriously a couple of pounds now

 Flowery dress for a day at the gym and shopping with the bestest
Love this dress for something casual I can just chuck on
After seeing these photos I did put a plain black vest on underneath as it's a bit sheer on the old boobage!
Floral Dress: Topshop
Rust Cardi: New Look
Black Leggings: New Look
And of course worn with the trusty brogues
I'm looking for a better quality pair but can't justify the £70 I've seen some for
Shame I didn't hunt some down in the sales!
 Today I went for a nice long walk with Mum and the pup
Dress: Forever 21
Cardigan: Topshop
Leggings: New Look
Worn with grey suede boots
 Onto the purchases....
I had a pair of shorts and shirt to take back to New Look so treated myself to three new sheer shirts (loving these right now!) 
As I paid I was expecting to have to pay around £20 extra for the extra shirt but it came up as £4.49...the cashier had screwed up the student discount. Made my day
 I love all the peter pan collars around at the moment but I struggle with high neck cuts due to an 'ample' bosom... this shirt was a happy medium and I love the collar
It is a bit on the short side but with a top underneath it was fine
I wore this last night for the bf's sisters engagement party. I felt good but was also aware of the tummy :( still I shall beat it so to speak!! 
I think this was only £15.99 so not too expensive for a lovely shirt
 I had been eying this shirt up for ages, well before Christmas
I was specifically on the look out for this as I think it can be dressed up or down 
Very happy about finding it, and it was in the tall section so not too short
 This one came up extremely short but the print is gorgeous so I'll keep trying to style it right

I may have popped into boots and made two sneaky purchases...whoopsy!
The bestie needed something for her sisters birthday and I got completely distracted
I love love love the Benefit blushers, Coralista is a firm favourite (even got Kat hooked) but the price is a bit steep
But yesterday I just thought f*ck it I felt pretty crap and wanted to smile about something
 Dallas £24
'An outdoor glow for an indoors gal'
I have super pale skin and never seem to manage to get my own healthy glow without becoming a lobster, so fingers crossed this will work for me
 Swatch without flash

 How could not get myself Bella Bamba after all the hype on blogger about it
Bella Bamba £24
This is a lovely colour
Gives a gorgeous flush of colour and 'extra dimensionality'
I wore this last night and really liked it
Definitely recommend it
 Dallas (top)
Bella Bamba (bottom) 

All in all a pretty good weekend
I had an awesome week too
Friday I did a photoshoot and am loving my project idea right now
Might post a few of the photos soon
Seeing friends a lot more which is awesome
And helping Mum out as much as possible
Things are starting to look up 

Hope everyone is amazing :)
Love Belle


  1. Thanks hun, I love the floaty look xx

  2. Love the peter pan blouse, what a bargain! Sally x