Sunday, 9 January 2011

'It's not all doom and gloom...'

Hi everyone
To be honest I've not had the greatest couple of days
My Mum owns her own leaded light business and it's not doing too great
I work this company too so if it goes under I'm screwed
Because of this the New York/Cruise trip has been cancelled until further notice
I wasn't too disappointed as I thought I was still going on holiday with my lovely best friend
Unfortunately Gavin has put his foot down and refuses to let me go
Even though I can get the money from other places he won't justify me any spending money
So I'm stuck in England all year
This hasn't happened in a long time
I love travelling, I want to see the world so one holiday a year isn't exactly greedy...
Eurgh I sound pathetic but I like to have something to look forward to and this has really put a downer on things at the moment
It feels like moving out means I can't do anything
I can't buy clothes, make-up, shoes NOTHING!
Right now I'm just so fed up and really don't know what to do
I think getting upset about something so petty is really my way of letting out all my frustrations about uni, careers and money
I'm someone who keeps it all bottled up and then just explodes

Anyway enough of the grumpiness
As Russell Howard says: 'It's not all doom and gloom'

After being so ill this week I got back to the gym Friday
I weighed myself and lost half a stone, after having a chinese takeaway Thursday night!
So I'm more motivated now to keep that off and lose the rest. Hopefully another half a stone before Valentines day. I'll keep you updated
It was mine and Gavin's three year anniversary on Thursday (hence the takeaway) but being so skint we didn't really celebrate it, we might do something for V day instead
All my photoshoots for the next 3 months are planned so hopefully I'll get the motivation and inspiration I need to get out there and shoot till my hearts content 
We went out Saturday night and I had a good time, there were a few people in the pub from my past who would rather not see ever again but there will always be situations like that I guess, just have to deal with it.
Get my student loan tomorrow so I get to spend a little bit of money on myself
Not much but I think a treat is in order :)

I didn't manage to get a very good photo of my outfit as Gavin was un-co-operative (surprise surprise) with taking photos for me and I was rushed out the door so the self timer shots that I had were terrible!!

Shoes: Accessorize
Gavin said they look weird, like I have gills on my feet :/

I tried a new lipstick, quite a brave choice for me
Revlon 'Cherries in the snow'
I love it though, I felt good wearing it

Black ruched top: Miss Selfridge 
Red Belt: Accessorize
Black Jeans: Torrid
Blazer: New Look

Well I'm off to internet window shop and try and cheer myself up
Expect a mini haul probably consisting of Primark, sale rejects and drugstore make up soon :)



  1. Hi sweetie, you look so fab with red lips and matching shoes :) very hot indeed :D <3 Anika