Sunday, 16 January 2011

Back to the grindstone...

This friday I returned to Uni after Christmas
Felt like the beginning of the end in a way as it's the last first day of term now
Had a 6am start so my outfit was basic and make-up non-existent, this is also because my eyes have been so sore and sensitive at the moment...not sure how to sort that out though, off to research!
I had a tutorial about my photography final major project and it threw me a little
My initial idea I've been looking at is abandonment, mainly in children 
I was going to shoot dreamlike states with my best friend as my model, to be honest I have been getting quite bored and uninspired with this idea at the moment
This might be to do with how stressed I got before Christmas, the 3 1/2 weeks break was well received!
So my project is now going to be still life (something I haven't really explored much) and I'm quite interested to see it all come together
I intend to collect 'transitional objects' (really interesting theory behind them but I won't bore you with it!) and shoot them in either a studio, forest, or conventional bedroom setting
I'm sure I'll keep you updated and show some work
We're exhibiting in London around the middle of June, i'll pop some details up about it closer to the time...

I got to wear my new Topshop blouse on Friday (for uni) and felt really good in it, especially as it was a size smaller than I usually buy 
I've got a few posts lined up which should keep me busy for a while 

 Blouse: Topshop
Vest: Primark
Jeans: Torrid
Worn with my brown brogues
 Not so attractive make-up-less face...niiiiice!
 On my nails I wore Models Own: Grace Green
I love this shade, this is two coats and it's lasted two days without a topcoat, and only just started chipping. Which is good considering the torture I put my hands through!

I picked up two of the Diet Coke Nails Inc varnishes yesterday (the last two in a tiny boots) in heather grey and caramel. I'm going to try the caramel out tonight and possibly post tomorrow but I'm sure you've all seen it by now! I'll try and get the other two colours tomorrow on my running errands day :)



  1. Adore that polish! How are you finding Roehampton? My boyfriend wants to go there! x

  2. It's a lovely uni, the campus is really nice especially in the snow. I study photography and media & culture and I enjoy it. The teaching and sports studies are supposed to be some of the best. But I'd say it's definitely worth coming up for open days and just to have a look around :) xx