Monday, 10 January 2011

Cheering up tactics

After my ranting post yesterday I decided to dedicate a day to cheer myself up
Had a lovely lie in until 11
Off to the gym for a pretty good workout
I managed 12 minutes running and about 5 incline walking
Feeling proud of myself :)
Then I took myself off into town and tried to control myself shopping
Onto the good stuff...

 Navy and white nautical stripe jumper

 Sheer floral blouse

 Blue marl jersey top

 I can't resist Topshop socks
3 for £8 

 I had a £15 gift card for Waterstones from Christmas
So I bought a few crime novels, hope I actually read them after getting the Kindle for Christmas!

 Luella Guide to English Style
I originally was only going to get this from Waterstones but got distracted!
Looks like a lovely book from a brief flick through

 Gold and cream necklace

Stering Silver pearl ring

 Mini boots haul
Models own nail varnishes in: 
Becca's Brown
Grace Green
Magenta 'something' (I can't remember as usual!)
17 lipstick in Beehive
17 Wild curls mascara
17 Eyeshadow trio
Vanilla lip balm
Deep action clean and clear, hopefully this will finally sort my skin out

 The plum and olive shadows are colours I wouldn't normally go for so I thought I'd give them a try and see how I get on 


 I couldn't really get a decent shot but this outfit was actually really flattering on me
I bought this cardi last year for $2 in Forever 21, bargain!
White vest: New Look
Waterfall cardi: Forever 21
Black skinny jeans: Torrid

Well that's my way of cheering of myself up! 
Now to watch some crap tv and have a cup of tea

Take care


  1. a day like this would definitely put me in a good mood.

  2. Nice haul, i love Topshop socks x

    Sadie x