Sunday, 23 January 2011

Weekend Project

After pondering on buying some drawers to organise my make-up form WH Smith I asked what Gavin thought...
He said it was £20 I didn't need to spend so I just re-organised some of my make-up so I could access my favourite bits easier whilst being kind of down hearted
So I popped round to see my Mum and she produced these
My Aunt bought these for me as a Christmas present years ago and had painted them in blue and purple
Mum had dug them out thought I could bring them back to their former glory as I'd put glitter paint and other stuff on them
And so my weekend project was born....
 Before Pictures

 I had to sand them down and paint two coats of undercoat before I could get creative
I rummaged around and found some left over paint form the bedroom
So the main body is 'Almost Oyster', the outside of the drawers are 'Dusted Fondant' (I hadn't done that bit yet here) and the inside of the drawers are 'Duck Egg' 
 The finish article
I love them
And even more because I put all the work into restoring them
I'd never used an electric sander and was shocked that Gavin let me use his!
 So my Saturday night was spent home alone with a sander, paint brushes, paint, trashy TV and plenty of wine
Actually quite lovely
 The bottom left drawer has all my loose eyeshadows and mini mascaras in, the right hand drawer is odds and ends
 The middle left drawer is all my lipsticks/glosses and the right drawer is some of my face make-up
 And the top left drawer is home to all my blushes and the right is the rest of my face make-up
 With all this organisation on the top of my chest of drawers my top drawer is so much easier to manoeuvre. My hair dryer is no longer jammed in and I know exactly what's in each bag
I keep my eyeshadow palettes on top of the drawers with my two favourite perfumes
I love how organised and accessible all my make-up is now and know I'm going to be able to experiment so much more! Organisation is love for me :) 

So I've had a productive weekend
Hope everyone's well



  1. Well done you, looks fab!!

    Sadie x

  2. Wow, what a brillaint idea - they've turned out really well. Sally x

  3. Such a great idea, well done, it looks great, be proud of yourself :-)

  4. OMG i love your blog and follow you now. Mybe you follow me bag? Lots of Love <3

  5. They look great! What a stroke of luck that your mum kept them!

  6. wow, really really great! love your work. the colours are so amazing.