Friday, 14 January 2011

Nail Varnish Collection

I've been thinking about doing a nail varnish post for a while
So here's my modest collection
I need a new way to store it....
To see the pictures bigger just click on them, didn't want to inundate you all with tonnes of photos!

 The white bag houses the varnishes I neglect...not a big fan of these ones
The over spilling bag is all my favourite varnishes
Models Own
(L-R) Coral Reef, Jade Stone, Beth's Blue, Top Turquoise, Magenta Pearl, Pure Purple, Purple Grey, Becca's Brown, Grace Green, Nude Beige, Utopia, Cherry Pie, Sophie's Pink, Bluebelle, Peacock Green, Champagne, Purple Mystique, Pearly Queen, Buff Pink, Blue Med
(L-R) Sparkleicious, Gargantuan Green Grape (Matte), The Show Must Go On, Absolutely Alice, Whats With The Cattitude, Yoga-ta Get This Blue, Purple With A Purpose, Suzi Loves Sydney, Red My Fortune Cookie, Italian Love Affair, Chocolate Moose, Tutti Frutti Tonga, Coney Island Cotton Candy, Got A Date To-Knight, Got The Blues For Red, Rising Star, Done Out In Deco, Pink Flamenco, Ogre The Top Blue
 Nails Inc.
(L-R) Buckingham Street, Berkeley Square, Montrose Place, Eagle Street, Jermyn Street, The Vale, Victoria, Picadilly Circus, Shelton Street, Maple Street, Duchess Street, Eden Grove, Dean Street
(L-R) George: Swoosh, George: Trick, George: Deceit, Revlon: Steel Her Heart, Revlon: Tuscan Sun, Barry M: Nail Effect, Barry M: Mushroom, Barry M: Cobalt Blue, Barry M: Grey, Barry M: Mint Green, Barry M: Pink Flamingo, Essie: Antique Rose, Essie: Damsel In Distress, Topshop: Hide and Seek, 17: Real Romantic, 17: Fairy Cake, 17: Sherbert Lemon, 17: Knockout Red, 17: Royal Indigo, 17: Parma Violet, 17: Mint Choc Chip, 17: Seabreeze, Natural Collection: Antique Coral, Natural Collection: Cosmic Crush

If you have any requests for reviews just ask and I'll be happy to do them :)



  1. I'm really jealous of your collection! (:

  2. I never realised it was this big :/ My bf keeps threatening to steal them and paint pictures with them! Rude!