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Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concelaer

kick ass con

Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer
Three part Concealer Kit
£10.00 Boots

'Soap & Glory™ Kick Ass™ Concealer is a three - piece flaw camouflaging kit that includes an amazing undereye brightening concealer, an 'on the spot' as-you-need-it complexion concealer, and a weightless transparent setting powder.'

I'm a sucker for cute packaging, as are a lot of people.
Soap and Glory has the cutest packaging on the drugstore market
It's mixture of retro with a simple colour pallet of pinks, gold, black and white is used throughout the range
I like the consistency this gives the range, I'm a geek with colour consistency but it bugs me if products don't match in the range.


The product itself is a three piece little concealer kit
Including two cream based products and one powder based
As you open the pot you flip up the top powder layer to get to steps 1 and 2 
The left hand side being step 1 and right hand side being step 2
I've got the kit in shade light as I'm super pale
The cream products have such a smooth consistency and they blend into the skin so effortlessly
Some cream concealers I've tried have been so hard it's hard to even get product out of the container
If I'm in a rush I just use one side and it's fine and good to go
Other days when I want something to last indefinitely I'll use both creams
According to Soap and glory the pinky toned of the two is an eye brightening concealer with PUFFEASE-8 technology, it works really well under the eye area and does have a brightening effect
I don't suffer from puffiness though so I can't comment on that bit
The other half has SUPERWEAR lightscrambling on the spot technology
To me this just means it's got really good coverage which it does


The third stage is the powder to set the concealer
It can feel a bit backward to set the concealer before putting foundation on and then proceeding to set that too so I've tried a few things
Firstly I gave it a go setting before the foundation but found my foundation didn't like mixing with powder
Then I tried just doing the cream products then applying my foundation and setting it all with my normal powder, this worked well but I wasn't benefiting from the actual stage three powder
The process I like the most is to apply foundation, cream concealers, setting powder and the powder concealer on the areas needed.
The powder has an INSTA-FIX technology in it so like I said I wanted to benefit from the powder's ways and have my concealer not budge

I love this concealer and will definitely be repurchasing
I did get this free whilst Boots have their 3 for 2 Autumn offer on but £10.00 doesn't seem too much for a decent product when you look at high end products and how much a mediocre concealer costs
I recently wore this for a 12 hour day at my Grandad's funeral and it held up through lots of crying and tissue dabbing so to me it's a real winner

Have you tried any of the Soap and Glory Make up range?


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