Saturday, 27 October 2012

Sleek Blush By 3 in 'Lace'


Sleek Blush by 3 blusher trio 

Recently I bought the blush by 3 in the shade Pumpkin and straight away knew I wanted to pick up the shade Lace as well
Unfortunately when I initially purchased it there was the Pumpkin palette in the Lace box... I only realised this when I got it home to take photos for the blog
I was pretty gutted as I couldn't wait to use it and put it on here
It took me around a week to manage to get back into Superdrug and get it swapped over
The customer sales assistant looked at me like I was some kind of criminal when I said I wanted to swap it as it was wrong, not exactly my fault the wrong product was in the box
Anyway... The shades are gorgeous and to me much more wearable than Pumpkin
I find bright blushers intimidating but these are easing me in gently, I guess the trick is a light hand which I'm now mastering
As the shades are all so pigmented you only need to swipe your brush on the surface lightly and you've got enough for your apples of your cheeks
It's easier to build up colour than to take it away after all

lace swatch

In the swatches I have heavily applied the shades on my arm
The first colour is a matte orange, normally this wouldn't get used but I find myself reaching for it on horrid, rainy mornings to add a bit of colour to my cheeks. Perks me up straight away
The middle colour is very similar to the Rose Gold shade which is deemed a dupe for Nars' infamous blusher Orgasm. I have Orgasm in my collection and will admit it's similar but not the same. Orgasm will forever be my favourite blusher but now I have something so similar I won't use it as much as I was...I don't have £20 to be spending on blushers on a regular basis after all!
The third colour is a lovely rich, coral. It seems darker than a traditional coral, even rose toned. It's a hybrid shade and again with a light hand this looks gorgeous 
I love this palette overall and think it's such good value for £10.00 you get three great shades

Have your tried the blush by 3 palettes?



  1. I have this trio too, but mine is named Pumpkin :-/ I love the reddish one, is so pretty!

    1. I'm sorry, I've just seen your post on the Pumkin trio... I confused them :-P Sorry!

    2. I love the blusher trios, such good value for three blushers :) xx