Friday, 24 August 2012

Stila ~ Love at First Blush


Stila Blusher ~ Love at First Blush

Having never tried a Stila product before when I saw this little pretty on Sailor Jennie's blog sale I snapped it up.
I fell for the cuteness of the heart motifs and the gorgeous pink colour.
As you have probably seen I have a bit of a thing for coral toned blushers and seem t0 keep purchasing more and more of the same colour family.
This blusher however is more of cooler toned pink and something a little different.
The middle colour looked a bit like MAC's Well Dressed blusher to me which I own but find quite hard to get colour pay off on my fair skin. 
The two colours either side of this matte shade are both glitter packed. I personally am a huge fan of glitter, my pores don't seem to be highlighted by the glitter in Nars Orgasm as I've seen mentioned before. 
It's a lovely natural looking pink blusher which gives me the perfect amount of colour for day to day wear. I don't wear this for work as the glitter may be a little much for a tile shop so save it for my days off.

Any other Stila products I should give a go?

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  1. I'm not really familiar with STILA, but I do love this!