Saturday, 5 February 2011

'Talking to the Moon'

I'm loving Bruno Mars' album right now, it's on repeat in my car (must get it on my ipod)
I've had a rollercoaster of a week.... well emotionally
Had an awesome day with the bestest Monday, Tangled is awesome! I love Disney films anyway but this was a lovely film, if you love Disney I would definitely recommend seeing it.
Tuesday was spent at work in a foul mood, things aren't great in my noggin right now. It's a long story and something I won't be broadcasting over the internet needless to say I'm in desperate need of some cheering up. 
I went out Thursday night for a friends birthday, meal at TGI's then a few pubs
Was a really nice night, so good to see my friends from the cinema again, took my mind off of things for a while
Had a complete dilemma with choosing what to wear
Made me kind of upset seeing the photos this morning, I look rather 'plump'
It's so frustrating that no matter how hard I work to lose weight nothing happens
My graduation on 28th July is my goal to have lost a stone and a half, then November another stone...fingers crossed
I might join Weightwatchers again, it worked before but I hated counting points so not sure about it
Uni today, looooong day :( I did go to the cinema with mum to blow off some steam though, saw Sanctum this time, very tense but a good film
Been working hard at the gym unlike last week, managed 22mins running again but when I ran today my knees and hips were killing me but my trainer still put me through my paces
My legs are so sore right now!!

After that ramble I'll pop up what I wore for my friends birthday
 I pretty much suck at a smokey eye but tried it with my AIW Urban Decay pallette using Jaberwocky, Vorpal and White Rabbit I think
I thought it came out allright...kept the rest of my face quite neutral and just wore my MAC Nymphette lipgloss

I initially decided to wear this grey shirt from New Look but noticed it's a bit tight at the bottom (boo!!) so felt really self-conscious and changed for the other floral one, also from New Look. To be honest I don't think this outfit flatters me at all but I only had half an hour to do my hair, make up and get changed so couldn't really dither about choosing what to wear. Needless to say I'm going to work extra hard in the gym this week. And improve the diet....we did have a salad for dinner tonight though which isn't too bad, and I had fruit after. Just need to keep it up! Fingers crossed....
Shirts: Both New Look
Black top: New Look
Blazer: New Look (My Mum treats me in there a lot!)
Jeans: Torrid
 Worn with...
Lace pumps: Tesco
Black patent tote bag: Guess

And this is me with my lovely friend Matt

My weekend this week will consist of workouts and photoshoots
Oh what a fun life!
Any tips on how to cheer up a miserable cow or how to lose weight when your already trying your hardest leave below!? Thank you :)



  1. nice outfit and i think glasses suits you well :)

  2. How to cheer up a miserable cow: well I'd suggest putting on your favourite music and spending a good few hours listening!