Friday, 11 February 2011

If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea....

Well another week's passed and it's been another pretty crap one
Had some family problems which has hit us all hard but as long as we're together we'll get through
I'm so stressed out about my uni project, doesn't help I came in early today to shoot (had the studio booked and everything) but the technician was ill so the long old commute in morning rush hour was a waste of time...and now I'm doing nothing for a couple of hours
I really can't muster up any motivation to plough on with my work right now which isn't like me, usually with photography I'll be well into m workbook by now filling it with all sorts of research
Guess my minds on other things right now, when I have some spare time on my hands I'm tidying or cleaning, just neglecting my work really
Al though I did get my provisional mark back for a media module from last term which was a 2:1 so I'm happy...not great but I really don't like the media part of my course so yeah....
Been overdoing it with running this week and my hip is so sore, not good really should listen to my trainer when he says not to overdo it. But when I get into running I can't stop, I'm up to 22mins with high speed intervals thrown in too which I think is pretty good for someone who couldn't run about 6 months ago
My Mum and I rejoined Weightwatchers last night, hated getting on those scales but it had to be done. Hopefully this is the boot up the backside I'm in dyer need for right now. I want to be at least one dress size smaller (preferably two) by my graduation (28th July) / 21st birthday (3rd August). And then another size by the time we go to China in November. Fingers Crossed X

A few photos which have made me smile whilst being stuck in the maclab at uni...
Hope everyone has a lovely Valentines Day and is well and truly spoilt!


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